Pokemon Favorites, Then and Now

By Rika24

Does anyone remember their first favorite Pokemon, and is it still your favorite? I remember that when I first watched it, Pikachu was my favorite. I still like Pikachu, but he’s nowhere near my top 10 favorites anymore. Pikachu was first knocked out of the number one spot by Charmander, then Eevee, then Charizard. As it stands now, Charizard (tied with Charmander), Jolteon, and Ninetales are my top three favorites.

I remember feeling so bad for the Charmander that was abandoned by his trainer, yet he still waited in the rain. I guess it’s the loyalty and cuteness of Charmander that made him my favorite, beating Pikachu for the top spot. Charmander is still to this day my number one favorite starter. When Charmander evolved into Charmeleon I wasn’t too happy because of how he wouldn’t listen to Ash.

However, when he finally evolved into Charizard, his disobedience didn’t bother me one bit, I actually loved his attitude. Charizard is too cool to not like, I mean, he’s a DRAGON for crying out loud! and dragons rule. This makes me not understand why he isn’t classified as one. Even Lance has a Charizard and he’s supposed to be a Dragon master. Anyways, that’s the main reason Charizard is tops for me; he’s strong, looks like a dragon, and is a fire type (my personal favorite type).

The case with Jolteon is a bit strange. When I first played Blue Version, I hated Jolteon. I evolved my Eevee into Vaporeon first time around, then into Flareon after I got Red Version. I can’t even tell you my reason for disliking Jolteon back then because I can’t remember. It wasn’t until Pokemon Stadium came out and I was battling against my friend and her Jolteon that I changed my mind. Her Jolteon was strong and fast (safe to say I lost too). That was when I first became a fan of Jolteon. When my Blue Version’s save died and I restarted, I evolved that Eevee into a Jolteon and named him Dodger. He’s been on every team ever since.

Ninetales, where should I start? I don’t remember exactly when she became a favorite, as I don’t think I saw her in the anime before I got into the cards. Anyways, when my sister took me to the Pokemon League at Toys R Us, she bought be a few boosters and the Brushfire theme deck because of Charmander being in it. Ninetales was the rare card in there and liked her instantly, and then the very first booster pack I opened had a Ninetales too. I just found her to be such a beautiful Pokemon, plus I loved foxes. Come to think of it, I believe it was shortly after that I got Blue Version. I remember asking for whichever one had Vulpix in it. Her description in the games has always fascinated me. For such a beautiful Pokemon, she had a sinister side that I found cool. Unlike my other recurring teammates, my in game Ninetales had a different name most of the time. The first was named Angel, then Ghost later on in Silver, then Kyuubimon in Sapphire, and finally Aya in Platinum and Soul Silver.

So as you can see my favorite, Pikachu, didn’t last long in the top spot. These Pokemon however, are still holding strong on my list today.


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