Pokemon Speed Priorities Part 2

By Matt

There are also many people wondering why moves always will go last, regardless of the user’s Speed. The second side of Speed Priorities is the moves with a negative value. These range from Stage -1 to Stage -7, the slowest possible move. On Stage -1 is Vital Throw, a Fighting-type move. Since it moves last, it will not miss the target, no matter what stat changes there are. Of course, if the target has planned a two-turn move (i.e. Dig, Dive, Fly), it will miss. Curious enough, Stage -2 has no moves.

I would think the authors of this guide I read would have something of merit to put there. Stage -3 is Focus Punch. Unlike Focus Blast, which will do massive damage (without having any bad effects), Focus Punch will leave the user vulnerable for two turns. Using Follow Me or Power Rage would definitely lift the stress off this move. If the user is hit, it can’t use Focus Punch, so be careful.

Stage -4 deals with moves that do with damage that has been received. Avalanche and Revenge, both attacking moves, will be very slow, but that has a purpose. Both powers are at 60, but will double if the user has been hit in the same turn. Keep in mind, this move has a very good chance of going last in this turn, making it do 120 damage. It will do even more damage if you can find a type weakness for an Ice- or Fighting-type move.

Counter and Mirror Coat are placed on Stage -5, but have similar effects. Counter will inflict double the damage the user has taken (in the same turn), but keep in mind, it must be a physical attack, or it will not work. Mirror Coat works the same way; it deals with special attacks instead.

Stage -6 moves have a trend that switches out the target. Roar and Whirlwind are two classic examples. Although they do no damage, they can switch out a troublesome Pokemon. Dragon Tail and Overhead Throw have the same effect; they inflict damage, however. In the wild, there is no Pokemon to switch out with, and this will cause the battle to end. In battles, too, if there are no more Pokemon your opponent can use, the move won’t work. Patience does have its price, good and bad.

The last category, Stage -7, alters the effects of various aspects of Pokemon. Trick Room must be used last, but it will make slower Pokemon have the upper hand. In plain English, the order of turns is reversed for five turns. Magic Room will make all hold items useless for five turns, which could save your Pokemon in the long run.

Wonder Room will switch each Pokemon’s Defense and Special Defense with the other one for five turns. These moves aren’t permanent; but they are the foundation of some battle-winning strategies. Keep all of these moves in mind when battling competitively.

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