Pokemon Fun Zone Games

By Matt

In Pokemon Stadium, there were several games available to play in the Fun Zone. After setting up the players, you had 9 games to choose from. One game features Clefairy, and the object of the game is like Simon Says: follow what Clefairy writes on the board. Each mistake deducts HP, and the winner is the last one to make the least mistakes and survive. I heard that there was a cheat where you can mute Clefairy’s singing by pausing before they are about to sing, but I’ve yet to try it.

The next one is the Rattata racing game, where the object is to run as fast as possible with Rattata and jump over all the obstacles by pressing A and up on the control stick, respectively. The camera is kind of distracting, but fair, since it revolves around the playing field. This game is straightforward, but who says you can’t have fun with it?

The third game with Ekans is probably the toughest game in the Fun Zone. You had to navigate with the control stick where to fling Ekans in order to make it land on a Diglett, much like horseshoes. Since my control was not sensitive, I would always end up flinging Ekans to the back and not making any points. But after some mastering of the game, I found that it wasn’t too hard to get on the board.

Magikarp’s game deals with pressing the A button skillfully to make it touch the counter. It requires timing and great coordination.

The Electricity game with Pikachu and Voltorb is a button-mashing race: press A when the light is blue, and B when the light turns green. HP was deducted if the wrong button was pressed, thus adding even more suspense to the game.

The next game is about Sandshrew digging a hole. By pressing L and R repeatedly, but in order, you could help Sandshrew burrow and find water. Unlike the electricity game, this required pressing L and R in order instead of randomly.

Drowzee’s game is all about timing: press A when the pendulum touches the center, or your Drowzee would fall asleep. It got faster as time went on, and seemed hypnotizing, but keep a watchful eye, and press A with caution; any over-presses were dangerous.

The Harden game with Kakuna and Metapod required pressing A to use Harden only when the time was right. The object is to avoid being crushed by rocks by using Harden; Harden would use up more HP, so it had to be used sparingly. Timing was an important aspect; the pattern of the launched rocks determined how they would land, too.

Finally, Lickitung’s Sushi game had you run around as Lickitung and eat as much sushi as possible. Eating consecutive plates of the same kind would get you more points (the points are amount of Poke Dollars spent). The amount spent was not revealed until the end of the game, but the plates were, giving an indication of how much money spent. This was a brief explanation of all these games, but play them for yourself and have a great time.

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