Fire-Type Pokemon – Abandoned And Abused

By Carl00456

Have you noticed that there’s usually a fire-type pokemon that gets abandoned or abused in each pokemon series? Chimchar and Tepig are two examples. Chimchar was shown to be so powerful and tremendous, yet in the eyes of Paul he was merely a weak pokemon. Tepig was abandoned by Ash’s rival; once again, he was abused and starved of food. I think you’ll see a pattern developing.

Most of the fire-type pokemon I know kind of come across as angry and psycho. For example, Chimchar went crazy and used blaze to defend itself from an Ursaring and ended up so psychologically messed up that he hurt his own trainer. Maybe the anger is a result of bad training. The screeches and sounds that Chimchar made in that episode were so physically tormenting that it sounded like the voice actor was in pain and I really felt sorry for Chimchar.

Charmander was abandoned by Damian. He was fine until he evolved. He was so mentally ill that he would regularly not listen to Ash. I remember some of the last time Charizard had with Ash. Ash put it through so much training; I don’t blame it for leaving Ash to ‘train’.

I don’t see why most fire-type pokemon are treated this way. They all have the same personality traits and eventually end up being forgotten about. I think that they are all treated horribly and just can’t deal with the training. I’ve got to admit though, their moves are pretty epic. When Chimchar used blaze I could not believe the power he was withholding. The art-style was also amazing. Fire-types are the hardest to train in the games. Their experience points at level one hundred are much higher than any water type. I honestly can say though, I do not like most fire type pokemon. They just end up looking weak and pathetic, it’s sad really.

Maybe someone should set up a fire-type pokemon adoption agency. I’m sure it will become very full quickly though. I question what abilities fire-type pokemon can actually use in the anime. Water-type pokemon can swim, some Grass-types can grow things but fire types can’t do much. They could burn down a forest but that’s about it. They just destroy things in an endless fit of rage. Their emotions need to be controlled. Can fire-types really be trusted? It seems like they only bring danger into the world of pokemon.

I can only hope that the pokemon story designer can come up with a better, more interesting back story to fire-type pokemon and actually make me care what happens to them. If they were used regularly and it seemed like the trainer had a real bond with the pokemon, then fire-types would be saved. That brings me to a short complaint about how Ash is such a bad trainer that he leaves all his pokemon and gives them to Professor Oak at the end of each series. It’s also annoyed to see what should be a level one hundred Pikachu get owned by a level five starter. Does his level reset or something? Maybe there are just so many bad trainers in pokemon. Mainly Team Rocket should have a fire-type pokemon to make them look tough.



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