Pokemon The 1st Movie Topps Trading Cards

By TokoyamiTheDark

I remember back, in 1999, when the 1st Movie was going to be in theaters across America. There was a huge poster saying “Pokemon Movie Topps Trading Cards ON SALE HERE AND NOW!” Back then my parents didn’t wanted me to buy these cards, but my neighbor bought some packs. With rich colors and information about the mocie, the cards were really great.

Eventually, back in March 2011, I ordered a Booster Box of Topps Trading cards of the 1st Movie. There was two editions released for the 1st Movie, the Blue Squared edition which mispelled names while the Black Squared edition had corrected names. I ordered one Pokemon Booster Box of each edition to see and compare the differences. There was somewhing funny in the Blue Squared edition that caught my eye when I opened a pack and got a Foil card. The Foil card had four Pokemon, separated with squares, Raichu, Cubone, and two other Pokemon I never saw before I watched the movie in 1999. I know they are Snubbull and Marill. so I went to read the back of the card.

“As soon as Togepi is asleep, trouble approaches. Tromping down the road and laughing loudly as if they owned the place, comes BURU, Reichu, Cubone and PIKABLU. These loud-mouthed Pokemon walk past Togepi, while Pikachu tries its hardest to quiet them down, but they don’t listen and go right on talking. What happens? Thay wake Togepi of course!”

Eh? What the… Why were they referred as Buru and Pikablu? Then I remembered the rumors that claimed Marill was in Pikachu’s family, giving it the name of ‘Pikablu’. Buru is Snubbull’s Japanese name, so I don,t blame them for ‘Buru’. 11 cards out of 19 cards from “Pikachu’s Vacation” mention ‘Buru’ and/or ‘Pikablu’. Then I opened a Black Squared pack and got the same card in regular format. The names were corrected and spelled Snubble and Marill, which was correct back then before Nintendo changed ‘Snubble’ to Snubbull. Also, one of the Mewtwo Strikes Back card mention ‘Donfan’ in the Blue edition but later corrected it as Donphan in the Black edition. Texts are also slightly changed between cards of both editions.

Now these cards are quite hard to find these days, and, of course, are very expensive to purchase. I managed to get the full set of both Blue and Black edition cards in regular format, but I’m looking to get all foil versions of those cards. Only 8 to go! I’ve been collecting these cards since March, and, just like the TCG, they really are fun to collect. As for me, I only have 8 more Foil cards to collect to complete the set at 100%, as I already have the stickers and die-cut cards!

Text @2011 by TokoyamiTheDark


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