Pokemon Jirachi Wishmaker Review

By Carl00456

Pokemon Jirachi Wishmaker introduced the mysterious Pokemon Jirachi with its ability to grant wishes. The movie starts off with Ash, Max and May on a journey to a new town. They quickly find out that there’s a magic show on and decide to watch it. The magic show looked great. The animation was fluid and it provided me with some entertainment, wishing that it could be real. Team Rocket has a few appearances but mostly end up being a joke. I was, once again, captured by the introduction explaining about the wide range of Pokemon and showing off the scenery in the Pokemon World.

I found that the characters could become slightly annoying at times, especially Max. The story is good but it drags at time, and is quite predictable. I did enjoy a few moments in the story, like when Max wished for candy and sweets and the truck that he is in overflows with it. The story has a few twists and turns to it, but nothing major. I thought the English dub was bad at time, with the character’s lips becoming out of sync or voices not fitting a certain character. I did not enjoy this movie as much as others as I found the plot to be weak and most of it is stretched so it can fit a one and a half hour time space. The music is okay and it fits the certain event or place that it needs to. There is a part in the story that includes a machine made to look like a Groudon that looks visually stunning. It actually would look kind of scary if it existed.

The movie does have its good moments and bad moments but for some reason I find that I like it more than hate it. Maybe it just captures the love I had for Pokemon as a child.

I watched this movie not long ago and haven’t watched it since so it has little replay value. I was dosing off a bit when watching it to be honest. Towards the end, there were a few amazing action sequences and events that occurred, like an Absol suddenly attacking Max. These looked impressive and kept me awake for a while longer. I thought that one particular moment in the movie was wrecked by the animation. May begins to hum a song that sounds nice if you close your eyes, but if you open them and look at what’s happening on screen the moment is wrecked. May appears to be humming but her lips are drawn awkwardly so she’s doing more of a whistle than a hum. The movie ends rather abruptly with the characters seeming as they learnt nothing and I was especially disappointed that you don’t find out what May’s wish was after she said she made a wish near the middle of the movie. She just sighs and explains that ‘it didn’t work’. If you’re a Pokemon collector like me and want to see all of the Pokemon movies then watch this, as it is an easy way to beat boredom. However, this movie has little that makes it good and for the latter you’ll be wondering while you’re still watching it.


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