The Most Powerful Pokemon Mewtwo

By Stephanie Sartain

Mewtwo is a clone of Mew. Scientist were ordered by Giovanni to go into the jungle to obtain fossilized DNA from Mew which they created Mewtwo from. However they had many failed attempts before they created Mewtwo. Mewtwo became violent and destroyed the island it was on. Giovanni found Mewtwo and told it would be his partner and he would help it control its powers. However Giovanni betrayed Mewtwo’s trust and Mewtwo destroyed his Gym. Mewtwo then returned to the island and began creating clone Pokemon. It then summoned strong Pokemon Trainers to battle his cloned Pokemon. The Trainer’s Pokemon lost to the clones and Mewtwo stole their Pokemon to clone them. At one point Mew arrived and a battle ensued to see who was stronger the normal Pokemon or the cloned ones. Finally the battle ended and Mewtwo learned his lesson. He returned all the people back to where they were and wiped their memories clean. He then flew off with his clones to find a new home.

Several years later Giovanni found Mewtwo and attempted to force him to return to him. However thanks to Ash and friends Mewtwo was able to finally live in peace. Word is that he roams the areas at night.

In the games only one Mewtwo is obtainable in each game. He’s deep in a cave in Cerulean City. He is very hard to capture but if you do capture him he is one of the most powerful Pokemon you can have in the game. He comes at level seventy in the games. Because of his stats he is consider one of the most powerful characters you can have. And until later games came along the most powerful Pokemon you could have.

Mewtwo is strong and hard to get making him one of the hardest to capture Legendaries. Many people want Mewtwo and most people get him. In fact some even try to capture him in a poke ball as a running joke. Some people succeed in doing just that but most capture him in the Master ball or an Ultra ball. Mewtwo is an amazing Pokemon that everyone gets in their games and may even use to beat the Elite Four.

I like Mewtwo because he is strong and amazing. He was able to knock every single Pokemon’s attack back in the movies. He was so strong no one could defeat him not even Giovanni though he tried very hard to defeat him. Ash of course put a stop to this being the caring young man that he is that and Mewtwo saved his Pikachu. In conclusion Mewtwo is certainly powerful, rare, and worth you time to catch.

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