Pokemon Johto, Fifth Gym

By Anonymous

So you’ve just beat the gym leader of Ecruteak City, Morty. This is probably the only ghost time gym leader you’ll have to deal with until Sinnoh. But that doesn’t matter until Sinnoh. We’re currently in the Johto region. And half finished with the badges! Now let’s move on! You’ll have to deal with a bit before you can get to the next gym. You will eventually arrive in Olivine City. There is a gym in this town, yes but it’s not the correct gym as of yet. The leader is missing right now, trying to help a sick Ampharos in the lighthouse. You can’t battle that gym leader until the Ampharos is healed. So you need to go pick up some medicine in Cianwood City. The town is basically an island. There is a gym in this town too.

This gym I believe can be challenged right away. The gym is a fighting type gym, you should be looking at some pretty powerful Pokemon. The gym leader’s name is Chuck. He is meditating under a waterfall when you walk up to him. He will not notice you, he is too focused with his meditating. You will have to make the waterfall stop flowing before he will notice you. Now that he is back on to being gym leader instead of meditating, you can challenge him. When the battle begins he will send out a Primeape. The Primeape is at level twenty nine, it knows Leer, Rock Slide, Focus Punch, and Double Team. Just don’t let it hit you with Focus Punch and try not to let the Leer attack lower your defense too much.

Upon defeating Primeape he will send out his strongest Pokemon and his last, a Poliwrath. This Poliwrath is at level thirty one and is holding a Sitrus Berry, which will restore some of it’s health if it gets too low. The Poliwrath knows Hypnosis, Focus Punch, Body Slam, and Surf. If it successfully uses Hypnosis, it will put your Pokemon to sleep. And it can attack against your will until your Pokemon wakes up. Maybe you should bring an Awakening with you just in case. If you successfully beat the Poliwrath you will win the Storm Badge. Now only three more gyms until you have all the Johto gym badges.

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