Pokemon Kanto Region – Eighth Gym

By Anonymous

You did it! We can go to the Pokemon League! We have been in all the towns and we fought all the gym leaders! Actually, no you haven’t. There is still one more left. It is the final gym, located in Viridian City. Go there and you can earn your last badge. Your at Cinnabar Island so it should take quite a while to go back to Viridian City. Actually, I think you can use Fly, which is a flying type attack but you can use it outside of battle to go to places you have been before. Just use Fly and go to Viridian City. The gym there is a ground type gym.

You might want to hold on to some water Pokemon but you could always be into surprises so go ahead and bring a varied amount of types. The gym is filled with powerful Pokemon, be on the lookout for the powerful ground type attack known as Earthquake. If you bring a Flying type Pokemon then Earthquake can’t harm you, it won’t effect it. Once you get to the gym leader, the final gym leader, challenge him. His name is Giovanni, and he will put up a big fight. When the battle begins he will send out a Rhyhorn. Rhyhorn is a ground and rock type Pokemon. Giovanni’s is at level forty five. Don’t let it use Earthquake or it could very well harm your chances of victory. You should be able to eventually get it down. He will then send out a Dugtrio at level forty two.

Dugtrio is a solid ground type Pokemon. He is actually very fast. Dugtrio, like Rhyhorn knows Earthquake so be on the lookout. You should be able to take him out, just use a Hyper Potion or another healing item if you need some help. If you can take out the Dugtrio he will send out Nidoqueen which is at level forty four. Nidoqueen is a poison and ground type Pokemon. It also knows Earthquake like the Dugtrio and Rhyhorn. Nidoqueen has an attack called Body Slam which can Paralyze you, I suggest a Full Heal or Paralyze Heal to be used. Nidoqueen will take a bit of time to take down if you don’t have any Pokemon that has an attack advantage over it. But if you defeat it you will face a level forty five Nidoking which is also ground a poison type and knows Earthquake.

If you can manage to take him down you are ready to face Giovanni’s strongest Pokemon. Just be careful that you don’t run out of healing and status healing items. The last Pokemon is another Rhyhorn, at level fifty. It knows the same moves as the first one, but is like five levels stronger so be cautious and you can take it down. If you win you will receive the Earth Badge! Congratulations, you now have all eight gym badges for the Kanto region! You can now challenge the Kanto Pokemon League!

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