Pokemon Kanto Region – Seventh Gym

By Anonymous

The seventh gym in the Kanto region. If you beat this then you only have one more badge to go before you can challenge the Pokemon League! You should be at Saffron City right now. Seein that you jusst got the Marsh Badge. Head back to Fuchsia City and go south. You should be able to use Surf now. Surf is an attack that allows you to travel in water. Head to the Seafoam Islands. In the Seafoam Islands most of your strengths will be tested. It is mainly an ice filled cave that involves sliding and puzzles. You will need to push boulders and smash rocks. You have to use Strength to shove the boulders in the certain holes so you can slide on them. You will eventually find yourself in a place where you can Surf.

Surf up to a platform, you will notice a blue bird type of creature standing there. Go up to it and challenge it to a battle! That is the powerful legendary ice type and flying type Pokemon Articuno. It will be a tough battle, but you can catch it if you have the proper equipment. Afterwards regardless if you caught it or not, head out of the exit you’ll see nearby the platforms. You should just be able to surf over to Cinnabar Island from here. Once you arrive a new series of things are available. Do you remember that fossil you got in Mount Moon? There is a laboratory that can bring fossils back to life. It is cool isn’t it? Just leave the laboratory and come back and you should have either a Kabuto or Omanyte depending on which fossil you took. Now let’s go to that gym shall we?

The gym should have a heating look to it because it is a fire type Pokemon gym. Hopefully you have some water Pokemon with you to help you out here! Just go and fight the trainers. The trainers will of course all have fire type Pokemon. When you get to the gym leader, Blaine challenge him to a fight and be prepared for a heated battle! Blaine’s first Pokemon is a Growlithe at level forty two. You should be able to drench it down if you have a water type Pokemon. His second Pokemon is a Ponyta, this Ponyta is two levels lower then the Growlithe so it should be easier to defeat. Then he will send out a Rapidash, which should put up a fight. Once you get it down you will have to fight is strongest Pokemon, a level forty seven Arcanine. This will be a tough battle! But if you win you will get the Volcano Badge, and you will only have one more badge to go until you can challenge the Pokemon League!

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