Pokemon Lifesize Pansage Plush Toy

By Brian Grabow

There is a new lifesize plush toy released in Japan. This time it is Pansage, or Yanappu as it is referred to in Japanese. This Pokemon plushie is huge. It measures 25″ (64cm) tall and 20.5″ (54cm) wide. Far bigger than any other Pansage plush toy made to date.

Pansage Lifesize Plush

You can see it here next to a can of juice for a size comparison. This is the 5th lifesize plushie to come out from the generation V character series. The other lifesize plush were Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy and Scraggy.

Pansage is made in very very nice quality. The seams are nicely stitched and the fabric is very soft and velvety. The eyes and mouth are nicely embroidered.

The ears, arms and tail can be moved around. Due to the size of this plushie, it is very heavy. It weighs over a 1KG. Its a definite must have for any collector of large plushies. See my Youtube video for a comparison to the smaller Pansage and to a can of juice to see just how big it really is. The lifesize plush toys usually sell out pretty fast, so get it while you still can.

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