Pokemon Magikarp

By Anonymous

You have all heard of the Pokemon known as Magikarp, am I correct? Well he is the strongest Pokemon in the world! No, Magikarp is actually believe to be the weakest Pokemon in the world. All he can get is Splash, a move that does nothing at all! He just splashes around! And Tackle a normal type move that does damage but is absolutely useless due to Magikarp having such an insanely low attack stat! He can get Flail later on which is a bit better if I remember right but still with a poor attack stat you can’t do anything right with a Magikarp!

In the anime James of Team Rocket got hit up by a con-artist salesman that a Magikarp is awesome and it will produce eggs, those eggs hatch and you can sell the Magikarp and keep making more money! No, nobody would want a Magikarp. He sells it for a way too expensive price. He one time even included a gold poke ball! That’s right a solid gold pokeball!

No, that is way off, it is simply a regular cheap poke ball with some gold paint on it, you probably wouldn’t be able to see James by any Magikarp these days, maybe once in a while. But it used to happen every so often back around the early seasons. For some reason James never learns, he always falls for the deals, they can’t even be called deal, it’s just an expensive Magikarp!

Anyway in some of the games, including Pokemon Black and White, they will be a man selling a Magikarp for a way to expensive price. I would only buy it in Black and White, because Magikarp can’t be found anywhere in the reason unless you buy it from the salesman. Now is Magikarp really all that bad? A shiny Magikarp is gold, does that have any points to how awesome he is? They main attraction with a Magikarp is that it evolves in the powerful Gyarados at level twenty. Gyarados is a very powerful Pokemon, and in the end a Magikarp is worth the price. Though if you get an Old Rod you can get them whenever you want one. A shiny Gyarados is red, most of you should know of the red Gyarados if you red the other articles. Magikarp is a neat Pokemon, don’t you think?


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