Pokemon Mudkip

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So I heard you like Mudkips? Everyone does, you just can’t fight it. They are the cutest Pokemon you can get, that is just an opinion though. How do you get a Mudkip? Mudkip is a starter Pokemon along with Treecko and Torchic in the Hoenn region. You have to get one of them from Professor Birch, the professor of the Hoenn region that studies Pokemon environments and habitats. His lab is located in Littleroot Town. All of his starters are at level five, just like all of the starters in all of the regions. Treecko is the grass type Pokemon, that looks kind of like a gecko. Torchic is the fire type Pokemon, which looks sort of like a baby chick. And Mudkip, the mudfish Pokemon we all know and love, is the water type Pokemon you can receive. Let’s get our Mudkip now!

Everything will go by pretty smooth for a while. You may encounter a member of Team Aqua or a member of Team Magma, but all in all everything will go by easily. When you arrive in Rustboro City to take the gym challenge so you can get your first badge and be one eighth closer to be able to challenge the Pokemon League. The leader of the Rustboro City gym is Roxanne. Roxanne trains rock type Pokemon. Rock type Pokemon tend be preferred for the first gym. I don’t know why. All but in the Johto region. In Kanto there is Brock for rock type Pokemon. In Hoenn there is Roxanne for the rock type Pokemon, and in Sinnoh there is Roark for the rock type Pokemon. I believe in the Unova region the first gym does not use rock type Pokemon. Anyway, time to get back on topic.

Your Mudkip will eventually evolve into a Marshtomp. Marshtomp is a pretty cute Pokemon. He becomes a water and ground type Pokemon. He will also learn the attack Muddy Water, which is a pretty good attack. Your Marshtomp will evolve into a Swampert around level thirty five. Swampert is the final evolution of Mudkip, he has a good amount of power. The easiest, or one of the easiest gyms with Swampert would probably be the fire type gym. The leader is Flannery and she trains fire type Pokemon. Fire type Pokemon are weak against both water and ground type Pokemon. And Swampert is both, so it should be easy. Swampert may be able to learn the powerful water type attack Hydro Cannon if you find the right Move Tutor. Will you choose Mudkip as you starter Pokemon in the Hoenn region?


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