Pokemon Musicals

By Matt

Another variation of Contests, the Musical was first introduced in the Pokemon Black and White series. Although there are no Ribbons awarded, it still keeps the Dress Up aspect of Contests; in fact, it is the complete core of a Musical. It can be found by going to the north-east corner of Nimbasa City. The building is very bright, even in the day, making it impossible to miss. Inside, there are two floors. The top one is the entrance to the theater, but it is blocked by a security guard, who says that you would be much better performing in the Musical. Next is a picture frame; when you click on it, you can find the picture of the last Musical you saved, plus the date when it was taken.

There are also some people that talk to you about the history of Musicals; one such person tells that a Pokemon stood up with the performers with a show, thus creating the Musical altogether. Really, there’s not too much action on the top floor, it’s all featured on the bottom floor when you enter. It features a PC to easily change your lineup, and a person who evaluates your last performance. One person will give you the TM for Echoed Voice after your perform. There are three Musical attendants; the one on the far left will set up your performance in a Musical with another friend. The one in the middle will explain the Musical to you and give you a choice of Musicals to participate in. The one on the right is for Dress Up only; it’s just practice with the props you have.

When you enter the Musical, you will be told by the MC the theme in a vague sort of way. He gives you a group of people of which it is popular with: women, men, boys, and girls. Each actually features a different theme to dress up your Pokemon with. When you’re ready, your Pokemon will be on the stage with the other participants. If your Pokemon has something in its hand, it can appeal to the audience by tapping on the bottom screen. After the performance, the MC will give each person comments, based on how you dressed up your Pokemon and the appeal made during the show. When you exit, you may be greeted with some fans, who will give you more props to use during your next Musical show.

You can talk to the Musical expert on the left side by the stairs, who will tell you the elements of your last performance. He tells you that one aspect was prevalent, and some other was subdued, like Cool, Beauty, etc. It will help you to fit the theme of that Musical the next time you perform. As you participate more, there will be more adorers of your Pokemon who will give more props. It will also show up how many times you’ve participated in Musicals on your Trainer Card. Although there’s not really much incentive for participating in Musicals, it is definitely a break from the Contests.

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