Pokemon Players And The Next Generation

By Leonie Herson

Pokemon has become a worldwide phenomenon, with its limitless merchandise and continuous television series (including movies) bought and viewed almost everywhere. With a total of 649 Pokemon and a new Pokemon fifth generation underway, the quest to catch them all becomes even more challenging. With new abilities, type combinations and battle mechanics in stunning new graphics, what’s not to love?

Since the release of Pocket Monsters Red and Blue in 1998 for the US (Red and green in 1996 for Japan), countless of Pokemon fans have risen and continue to do so today as new generations take over for the Black and White versions. On a more personal note, I don’t think I can ever enjoy the new games as much as I did back during the release of Pokemon Yellow.  However as I say this, the children who grow up with generation five would probably say something similar for Black and White. As a child, exploring and finding these strange creatures in different areas was exciting and eventually fueled a passion for games.

By selecting and training Pokemon, players created an emotional attachment to the Pocket monsters and pitted them against the best of the best, to eventually make it to the Pokemon league. To sit back after fighting the champion and watch the end credits roll by makes all that training worth it.

As Pokemon Black and White makes its appearance, why stop now? After years of being surrounded in this fictional world, Pokemon has become a part of life. The reassurance of knowing that it still thrives keeps the inner child alive, and curiosity more than anything takes over. What will the new Pocket monsters look like? What sort of new Pokemon types will there be? Its questions like these that prompt us to take a look for ourselves, be it through purchasing the game, or just looking up game play on YouTube. I say good luck for the next generation, and don’t forget about the originals that made Pokemon so popular today.


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