Pokemon Starter Signature Moves

By Matt

Generation V, along with introducing Triple and Rotation Battles, now feature a new type of signature move. These are known as Pledges, which do minimal damage if used alone. When they are used in conjunction with each other, they will cause various effects in battle. Grass, Fire, and Water Pledge are the names of these moves. In Driftveil City, there will be a Move Tutor who can teach your starters this move. Unlike the first signature moves (Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Frenzy Plant) which can only be taught to the final form of your starter, Generation V’s signature moves can be taught to any starter Pokemon of any evolution.

Since you will run into Single Battles a lot, there is little practical purpose if you wish to battle alone. To make the most of this move, run into tall grass, thus finding Double Battles with wild Pokemon, or go to the Battle Subway and look for the Double Battle train. I mentioned earlier that they are weak moves; that’s because their base power is 50, and to the dismay of some, is a special move.

Let’s talk about what happens if you happen to use them together. There is a special move that can be performed with just about any combination: Grass with Fire, Grass with Water, and Water with Fire. When you have Grass Pledge used with Fire Pledge, it will create a field of burning grass on your opponent’s side for four turns, causing them to suffer the same effects as the Burn status condition. This will cause them to lose 1/8th of their HP every turn, but, unlike the Burn condition, they will not lose half of their Attack stat.

If Grass Pledge and Water Pledge are combined, a rainbow will appear on the field, promoting the secondary effects of attacks. You’ve probably heard this term in the ability Serene Grace, which will double the chance of secondary effects. When the rainbow appears, the chance of secondary effects happening is increased by 30%. If Serene Grace is the ability of one of your Pokemon, the rainbow will have no effect on it. This means that moves that had a chance of giving a Pokemon a status condition would now be 40% instead of the usual 10%, giving you the upper hand.

Finally, when Water Pledge and Fire Pledge are combined, it will create a swamp, which will lower your opponents’ Speed by one stage for four turns. The only downside with this Signature Move is that if you have only one Pokemon that knows this move out, it will be useless. Plus, having more than one starter in your team is considered taboo by many trainers, and should be avoided. In other words, they say that people whose teams only have starters aren’t well-constructed and need improvement. Despite that, using the Pledges in Double Battles with wild Pokemon are always a fun thing to do. Be sure to import your starters from different regions, and trade for ones you don’t have!

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