Pokemon Stats

By Anonymous

In Pokemon battling there are many mechanics for one to first understand. The basic Pokemon battle doesn’t take much thinking, mainly just acting. But advanced and competitive battling is said differently. Each Pokemon has something called a stat. Or more so stats. Stats are what Pokemon have that basically grade their power. This is done by first the basics, the base stats of a Pokemon determine everything.

Usually if a Pokemon has a base stat in the one hundred or above era it is just great. You could probably work with a ninety and maybe an eighty base state. These stats are based upon all the characteristics and all areas of a Pokemon’s powers. The first, HP, is health point. Health Points are what the Pokemon’s health is based on. A Pokemon attack does so much damage, if a Pokemon has high HP it is harder to take it out.

The next it Attack. Attack is what the Pokemon’s physical power is graded on, moves such a Take Down are based on physical power. If a Pokemon has high attack, it is harder for the opponent to get their Pokemon to survive the attack, unless they have high enough defense to last. Next is defense, this is basically the Pokemon’s physical power for defenses. A Pokemon can stand for physical attacks if it has higher defense. The next is Special Attack. Special Attack is similar to attack, but for non-physical attacks. A move like Dragon Pulse is like this. The higher a Pokemon’s Special Attack, the stronger the Pokemon’s non-physical attack’s are.

The next is Special Defense. Special Defense is based on how the Pokemon can block special attacks, if a Pokemon has high special defense then special attacks will do less damage on it. The final is speed. Speed is a very basic attack and one of the most important, the faster the Pokemon determines how it can go first. If it goes first it let’s you get the first attack which can help the outcome of the battle. Out of these stats you may have noticed that the HP and defenses were similar, if a Pokemon has high for all of these it will be very hard to take out. In most cases you will notice that the Pokemon can only have one really good defense stat and the other be a good HP stat. You can choose between these. Stats are very important in battling.

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