Special Pokemon Information

By Anonymous

Having an organized team is important in a Pokemon battle. It requires a lot of focus to set up on a strategy as well. And it can be very stressful if your strategy doesn’t work out, meaning you will have to go the entire battle thinking of another way to win the battle. But in most cases you can’t just use brute force, mainly just a backup strategy will be your best chance. It is hard to think of all these strategies. But another major point in battling is the Pokemon’s power.

A Pokemon has moves, each move has a certain attack power. This power is very important so you have an idea of how much your attack will do damage wise. Another point is accuracy, if a move has one hundred accuracy it will most likely be able to hit the opponent’s Pokemon. If it has thirty accuracy like most one hit KO attacks, it will most likely miss, but it is all based on probability. That is the main thing to worry about when it comes down to it. Each move has something called a power point. These are a limited amount of numbers that go down every time an attack is used.

An ability called Pressure cause a Pokemon to use two power points per attack which can really drain them down making you run out of power points quicker. A Pokemon also has an ability, each ability is unique and is shared by a few Pokemon. An ability like Pressure stated above is usually only used with legendary Pokemon and a few dark type Pokemon. Some abilties alow Pokemon to gain power like Flash Fire which raises fire power when a fire move is used to the Pokemon.

The ability called Levitate allows the Pokemon to not be affected by ground type Pokemon moves. A Pokemon can get their health resotred if they have an ability that allows it, such a Water Absorb, which restores the health of a Pokemon only if it is attacked by a water type attack. A Pokemon also has stats which are based on the Pokemon’s power. HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed, but those will be mentioned later.

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