Pokemon Triple Battles

By Matt

First introduced in Pokemon Generation V, Triple Battles are definitely another way to utilize your Pokemon’s strengths effectively. I was excited when I first got the game; when I looked on the back, it told me about Triple Battles, which looked very promising (and it is!). Triple Battles are what it implies: you battle using three Pokemon on the field. But unlike Single Battle, where you have three, and Double, where you have four, Triple allows you to use all your team members. The system for Triple Battle isn’t that hard to understand; each Pokemon can attack the opponent in front, to the left, and to the right. The only Pokemon that can do this is the one in the middle. The ones on the right can only attack the two closest to them, and vice-versa. However, there are some moves (like Fly) that ignore this barrier; you are able to hit the Pokemon on the far right (or left).

There’s been word going around (at least among my friends) that when more than one of your Pokemon faint in the same turn, the screen will freeze up. Then, you have to realize that it says “Basic reading skills are necessary to fully enjoy this game” on the game box. To get out of this situation, the box at the bottom will ask which Pokemon you want to use next (it can’t be fainted). After you select the shift option, it will then ask you which fainted Pokemon to switch out with. The Pokemon go in order by their position on the field; the first one corresponds with far left, the second, middle, and the third, far right.

Positioning is also another way to win battles; keep your strong Pokemon in the middle. For your second Pokemon to switch, just select it and it will automatically switch out, thus getting you out of the so-called glitch. Another strategic aspect of this kind Triple Battles is the Shift function. However, only the Pokemon on the far left or right side can use it. Just select the Fight option, and in the bottom left, select Shift. Be warned, this will take up a move, and does not go first above all other moves (like switching out), your Pokemon’s Speed is a factor.

Also, in my experiences, the Pokemon on the far left will shift first, then the one on the far right will, but it’s just a theory. It may be, my fastest one is on the left. Triple Battle is a popular feature, and with an Infrared communication, you can set a Flat Battle with your friends, where all Pokemon above level 50 will be set to 50, and you can use the Wonder Launcher, which items’ accessibility depend on the number of turns you’ve been waiting to use it.

If you talk to your friends in the Wi-Fi Club, you can change rules, such as preventing duplicate Pokemon, preventing certain Pokemon (like legendaries), and turning the Wonder Launcher on or off. They’re also going to include Triple Battles in tournaments when the Global Link comes out. This is definitely going to be an exciting spectacle to watch!


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