Pokemon WiFi Events

By: Brian Hsieh

With the release and end of Carita’s Hydreigon and Janta’s Golurk events in Japan, one should wonder about events hitting America or other countries. Heartgold and Soulsilver received many events, but soon began to slow down fast between events. With Black and White, other countries have received just the Victini event while Japan has received five others. Japan has also received far more Heartgold/Soulsilver/Diamond/Pearl/Platinum events than the other countries. There are currently no events in other countries at the moment so it could be wise to at least release the ones we didn’t receive now but that seems doubtful.

I understand that it is a Japanese game first before it gets translated and ported to America, Europe, and other countries, but the length between each event causes fans to lose interest before any of the other Pokemon arrive to complete their Pokedex. A great example of this is the Celebi event. At level 50, Celebi takes the player back in time in order to see the argument between Silver and his father, Giovanni. This is an important and new development in the storyline as we have all guessed of Silver’s origins especially when hinted in the Pokemon Adventures manga, but to actually play it is something different. You even got a chance to battle Giovanni, one of the strongest gym leaders. Once fans knew of this event, they patiently waited for it to be released in the states. Unfortunately, other subpar events were released and by the time Celebi hit the WiFi scene, players Pokemon were far beyond 50 and could easily defeat Giovanni’s Pokemon, which were laughable compared to the likes of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four. Maybe this event was meant to be played a little before entering Kanto, but that does not make up for the fact that Giovanni has only four Pokemon that aren’t as powerful as the current Kanto Gym Leaders. Considering the fact that Giovanni disbanded Team Rocket to train for three years to only have his Pokemon under leveled compared to his actual Red/Blue/Green gym battle is inexcusable (with Nidoqueen actually leveled down for some reason).

This situation is unfortunately happening with Pokemon Black and White as well. Pokemon like Genesect, Meloetta, and Keldeo must be captured through a WiFi event. There’s a long pause since the Victini event in other countries, which should be filled to keep interest in the Pokemon games. What’s worse is that Japan hasn’t released these events in their own country. I’m not sure what the delay is, but I’ve only touched my DS to finish the Celebi event and am currently waiting for the other events to surface. I hope this long delay won’t cause players to overlook the events when they eventually arise. I’m unaware of the length it took between events for Diamond and Pearl, but from the time I bought Heartgold, the events were pouring in right after another ended.

Players were rewarded with Victini when purchasing the game, so why not reward the early birds even further with more updates? Five months later and we haven’t received another event. It’s already too late to bring in the new Pokemon to level up with, as most players have finished this wonderful game by now, but actually releasing them or planning a release date couldn’t hurt either. The ones who are waiting, like me, currently are unaware of what’s going on so any information would be helpful to the public.

With all of these Pokemon events planned without a release date, the game seems unfinished and lacking. I don’t mind them being events though. I think it’s a great idea, especially when one gets to crack open the DS and play another chapter. But I do believe these events are coming at a slow rate, especially in other areas of the world. I hope this situation is remedied, as I’d love to get back and start a new storyline with the remaining Pokemon that need to be captured.

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