Scraggy And Scrafty

By Jo

The fifth generation games seemed like a game filled of firsts; it was the first Pokemon game to have changing seasons, the first to include online game play with the Pokemon Dreamworld, and it was filled with unique type combinations that hadn’t ever been put together before. Scraggy and Scrafty were firsts; they were the first evolutionary line with their type combination, and the first and only fighting-type evolutionary line to be immune to psychic-type attacks.

Scraggy is exactly 2 feet tall and is known as the Shedding Pokemon. Its head is large and circular, the top two thirds of it being a dandelion color. It has circular eyes and large, white teeth. The remaining one third of its face, its arms, neck, and stomach are sandy colored. At its waist hang a pair of baggy ‘pants’. It seems to be based off from a shedding lizard, though may also be based on stereotypes of American male teenagers that listen to hip hop or punk music. Among fans, Scraggy has been given the fan-made title “Pants Lizard”. According to its pokedex entries, Scraggy’s skin has a rubbery elasticity, so it can reduce damage by defensively pulling its skin up to its neck (as has been illustrated in the anime). Apparently it immediately head butts anyone that makes eye contact with it. Its skull is supposed to be massively thick. Scraggy’s name literally means “thin and scrawny” in English, though it could have a combination of ‘scrappy’ and ‘baggy’.

Once Scraggy reaches level 39 it evolves into Scrafty. Scrafty is known as the Hoodlum Pokemon. Like Scraggy, its head is large and round, though the skin covering its face, arms, and waist is now orange. It has baggy yellow ‘pants’ and a ‘hood’ that appear to be its pre-evolutions skin. It appears to have a red mohawk atop its head and has heavy, grey-lidded eyes. Scrafty is tied with Gallade for the highest Special Defense of all non-legendary fighting-type Pokemon. Scrafty’s pokedex states that groups of them beat up anything that enter their territory. Each can spit acidic liquid from its mouth. It can smash concrete blocks with its kicking attacks. The one with the biggest crest gets to be the group leader. Scrafty appears to be based off from some type of lizard, possibly the frilled lizard as it has a sort of neck ruffle. Because of its mohawk, ‘hoodie’, and baggy ‘pants’, it appears to be also based off from teenagers from urban communities. The fact that it is known as the “Hoodlum Pokemon” and its type combination of Dark/Fighting types only support the theory more as troubled youth often try to solve their problems with violence. Scrafty’s name may be a combination of the words ‘scrawny’, ‘scrappy’ (as it does seem to enjoy fighting), and ‘crafty’.

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