Pokemon Attacks And Natures #1

By Harry Ackerman

Everywhere you see articles and charts etc, on what a Pokemon’s best nature would be, but what if your Pokemon doesn’t have that one specific nature then what? What are some other good natures for it? In article i shall be talking about other good natures, and sometimes bad ones, and some really good moves (or at least in my opinion) for each Pokemon to have. 🙂

Just keep in mind this isn’t 100% accurate because the most beneficial natures for a Pokemon to have can be highly dependent on what moves you teach it.

This time I’ll talk about Pikachu, Lucario, Scrafty, and Vaporeon. 🙂

Now let’s see, for Pikachu anything that would be lowering the speed stat might not be very good for the little fella since that’s Pikachu’s highest base stat, and defense is Pikachu’s lowest stat so you probably wouldn’t want a nature that lowers that either. If you teach your Pikachu all special attacks though, then obviously it’s physical attack stat isn’t needed and therefore would probably be best to have a nature that lowers Attack and raises Special Attack; a modest nature to be precise.

But if you’re like me and teaches your Pikachu a mix of special and physical attacks I’d say it would be best for your Pikachu to have a Neutral nature (just to prevent a few headaches and keep things simple), but it’s up to you and what you teach it. 🙂

And now for Lucario, I’d say anything that lowers his Special Attack isn’t good since that’s his best stat and tends to be used a lot. Especially with what I think is his signature move Aura Sphere.
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Scraggy And Scrafty

By Jo

The fifth generation games seemed like a game filled of firsts; it was the first Pokemon game to have changing seasons, the first to include online game play with the Pokemon Dreamworld, and it was filled with unique type combinations that hadn’t ever been put together before. Scraggy and Scrafty were firsts; they were the first evolutionary line with their type combination, and the first and only fighting-type evolutionary line to be immune to psychic-type attacks.

Scraggy is exactly 2 feet tall and is known as the Shedding Pokemon. Its head is large and circular, the top two thirds of it being a dandelion color. It has circular eyes and large, white teeth. The remaining one third of its face, its arms, neck, and stomach are sandy colored. At its waist hang a pair of baggy ‘pants’. It seems to be based off from a shedding lizard, though may also be based on stereotypes of American male teenagers that listen to hip hop or punk music. Among fans, Scraggy has been given the fan-made title “Pants Lizard”. According to its pokedex entries, Scraggy’s skin has a rubbery elasticity, so it can reduce damage by defensively pulling its skin up to its neck (as has been illustrated in the anime). Apparently it immediately head butts anyone that makes eye contact with it. Its skull is supposed to be massively thick. Scraggy’s name literally means “thin and scrawny” in English, though it could have a combination of ‘scrappy’ and ‘baggy’.
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