Shiny Pokemon

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Shiny Pokemon is a specific character with different coloration to what is usual for its species. The term “Shiny Pokemon” refers to the sparkling sound effect and animation made at the start of an encounter with one in the games. Shiny Pokemon in the games may differ in color from their normal counterparts either very little or very much. An evolutionary line is not necessarily guaranteed to have similar alternate colorations, even if their standard colorations remain consistent; both Ponyta and Rapidash have orange flames, but an alternate colored Ponyta has blue flames, while an alternate colored Rapidash has gray flames.

In the main series, Shiny Pokemon were first introduced in Generation II. This was likely to take fullest advantage of the when it appears in the wild or from a Trainer’s Pokeball, stars will surround it and make a pinging sound effect.

In Generation II, this ping happens before the Pokemon’s cry, while in Generations III and IV, it occurs afterward. Game Boy Color, which enhanced Gold and Silver and was required for Pokemon Crystal. To highlight alternate coloration, a red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage is part of the plot of the Generation II games and their remakes.

In the Trainer Tower in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green there are three Trainers which have shinies. In the single battle mode, the seventh Trainer has a Shiny Meowth, while in double battle mode, the first pair of Trainers have a Shiny Espeon. In another series of battles, a Trainer will send out a Shiny Seaking.

There are other methods which make obtaining alternately colored Pokemon a little bit easier: the Masuda method and the Poke Radar slightly raise the probabilities of hatching from eggs and catching them from the wild. Shinies are again highlighted in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, where the red Gyarados makes its return as a plot point, while they also appear in their shiny state as walking Pokemon when they follow the player. The first true Shiny Pokemon that appeared in the anime was a Noctowl in Fowl Play!. Ash eventually captured it, and, as in the games, sparkles surround it as it comes from its Pokeball. Several other Shiny Pokemon have appeared later as well, often used to make them stand out more or be the focus of an episode.

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