Shiny Pokemon

By Anonymous

Shiny Pokemon is a specific character with different coloration to what is usual for its species. The term “Shiny Pokemon” refers to the sparkling sound effect and animation made at the start of an encounter with one in the games. Shiny Pokemon in the games may differ in color from their normal counterparts either very little or very much. An evolutionary line is not necessarily guaranteed to have similar alternate colorations, even if their standard colorations remain consistent; both Ponyta and Rapidash have orange flames, but an alternate colored Ponyta has blue flames, while an alternate colored Rapidash has gray flames. Continue reading “Shiny Pokemon”

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The Best Shiny Pokemon Of Generation One

By Emily

Shiny Pokemon from the original generation weren’t exactly blessed with a lot of good shiny colors compared to other generations. Some were lucky enough to have a good shiny form, and they are naturally the most popular shiny Pokemon of the group.

Ninetails’ shiny form is very popular due to its silver coloration. The shiny color makes it look more like the mythical nine-tailed kitsune which the Pokemon is based off of. Silver shiny Pokemon are in general very rare among all the generations, which might also lend to the popularity of shiny Ninetails. Eevee also has the luck of having a silver shiny form but it seems to have a slight bit of blue mixed in, which makes it look more like tarnished silver. Shiny Eevee is so popular that it had its own event during the national Video Game Qualifiers for many countries all around the world. However, the popularity doesn’t stop with the color. Since Eevee can evolve into one of seven Pokemon, one shiny Eevee can lead to quite a number of other popular Pokemon in their shiny form.
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