Suicune, Will Always Be A Longtime Favorite

By Pheonixxfoxx

Suicune at one time was the pride and joy of my Pokemon collection. Thanks to falling on hard times, I have had to sell many prized and rare pieces from said collection. Though, this article is not about giving up a collection, but what lead me to begin one.

I remember when I first learned of Gold & Silver, my first knowledge of the new Pokemon was a Japanese Promo Neo card set, which I had found at a comic shop I use to frequent. This set contained cards of the starters and their evolutions. In the folder, that held the card sheet was an image of various new Pokemon. The one that caught my eye the most was Suicune, it was love at first sight…

Real life got rough for me and I had many hurdles to get over, I won’t go into full detail. Sadly, I never did get to play Pokemon Gold and or Silver like I had hoped. A brief moment of happiness did come back to me, which was the day I bought a GameBoy advanced that came with a copy of Pokemon Crystal. Sadly, it was only a brief moment of happiness I’m afraid…

Time went on and despite the blows life dealt me, I trudge on and got to where I am today. A few years back, I had joined the pkmncollectors community on The community helped to truly rekindle my love for Pokemon. Though, it was difficult to figure out that one Pokemon I wanted to collect the most. At that time there was well over 400 + to choose from, but I knew in the end had to collect Suicune. In ways, the Beast Pokemon reminds me of how far I have truly come.

My Suicune collection pretty much started out with a few small figures, which I purchased from a member on the community, along with the image inside the Promo Neo TCG set. Over time, I learned of Yahoo Japan and how to obtain the auction sites many treasures. From there I found out about the many trustworthy online Pokemon merchants such as, It really did not take long for those few small figures to grow into an army of turquoise, purple, and white upon my shelves.

Even though, I am having to part with some of my beloved Suicunes, I have come to realize that I do not need every item made of a Pokemon to prove my love and respect for it. To be honest, the pieces I truly treasure the most in my collection, are those that were given as gifts or have memories attached. One good example would be how my Jumbo Pokemon Center Suicune was obtained. It was thanks to a very kind and generous community member, whom I will never forget even though I must now sell the plush in question.


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