The Tynamo Line

By Jo

Quite a few electric-types were created for the Pokemon Black and White games. Tynamo and its two evolutions were a few of them. The three have no weaknesses due to their ability Levitate, and are the only single-type Pokemon to have no weaknesses. They are the only weakness-free Pokémon that have evolutionary relatives.

Tynamo appears to be based off from an electric eel. Its body is small and white, possibly transparent, and has fins on the upper and lower part of its body. Its sides have a yellow, zigzagging stripe and its mouth consists of a red crisscross. It is the only Pokemon from the fifth generation unable to be taught HMs. Even moves that it learns through leveling up are unable to be taught to them through HM. According to its pokedex entries, Tynamo live in schools. While one can’t really pack a punch on its own, a large group of Tynamo can be as powerful as lightening. The pokedex also states that they have an electricity-generating organ, so they’ll discharge electricity if in danger. Tynamo are rarely found in the wild so they’re quite a catch once you find them in the game. Tynamo’s name seems to be a combination of the words ‘tiny’, ‘tyke’ and ‘dynamo’.

Once Tynamo reaches level 39, it will then evolve into Eelektrik. Eelektrik seems to be based off from an electric eel, though also holds similarities to the lamprey, a type of jawless fish that has a funnel-like sucking mouth that is filled with rows of teeth. Its body is a mixture of dark greenish-blue and crème, and it has a mauve colored mouth and tailfin. Eelekrik also has two other fins above and below its head and three yellow circles at its stomach. According to its pokedex entries, Eelekrik will coil themselves around foes and shock them with electricity-generating organs that seem that seem to be merely circular patterns. They apparently have a large appetite. When they spot their prey, they attack it and paralyze it quickly with electricity. Eelektrik’s name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘eel’ and ‘electric’.

Eelekrik can evolve once more into its final evolution, Eelektross, when exposed to the Thunderstone. Eelektross shares most of its appearance with Eelektrik, as it has the same color scheme. Its body has the same dark greenish-blue and crème coloring, and its mouth is the same mauve color. Though unlike its pre-evolution, Eelektross has arms and larger fins. It also appears to be based off from electric eels and lamprey. Despite being based off from marine animals, Eelektross and its pre-evolutions are not water-types and are unable to learn any other water-type move besides Rain Dance. The pokedex states that they use their arms to pull themselves from the ocean. They will attack prey on shore and immediately drag it back with them into the watery depths. Eelektross’s name seems to come from the words ‘eel’, ‘electric’, and ‘boss’.

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