Pokemon Type Matchups

By Matt

What we learn from our first steps as a Pokemon trainer is that some moves will work effectively against a Pokemon, while other kinds of moves will prove less effective. They are type matchups, a game mechanic that everyone who plays Pokemon knows. I remember reading a Pokemon guide before, and it says that Pokemon is like a game of rock-paper-scissors. The starters, in fact, are based around that game, seeing how water is effective against fire, fire is effective against grass, and so on. Originally, there were 15 types of Pokemon that existed. This changed some moves that we know today to be different, such as Bite.

When I played Pokemon Stadium for the first time in a few years, I was confused right off the bat seeing Bite function as a Normal-type move. But I realized that starting with Johto, Dark- and Steel- type moves would come into play. Magnemite, a classic example of one type-changer through the generations, is an Electric-type in the first games, then turns into an Electric/Steel type to maintain what it really is: a magnet. Depending on the type, Pokemon have certain weakness and strengths to other types. Another factor is dual types, where Pokemon have two types instead of the one. This can either open them up to more strengths, or weaknesses.
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