Elite Four Marshal (Pokemon Black And White Postgame)

By Matt

Marshal is the fourth member of the Unova Elite Four. He is located in the east room of the Pokemon League. His Pokemon are all Fighting-type, with two dual-types. All of his Pokemon still have weakness to Psychic-type attacks, so you can breeze through with a Psychic-type. Marshal says he is grateful to challenge you again and wants to improve his bond with his Pokemon through another fight with the Champion, which is you. A quick flash of lights, and the battle begins.

His first Pokemon is Breloom, a Grass/Fighting-type Pokemon. You can immediately see that it has a 4x weakness to Flying-type moves. Be careful not to risk physical moves; since its Ability is Effect Spore, it could give your Pokemon a random status problem with contact. It uses Sky Uppercut and Spore as a combo move. It is a very good idea to use a Full Heal, because it will immediately resort to attacking the next turn; plus, Spore is 100% accurate.

Once you’ve beaten it, another Pokemon that could be sent out is Mienshao. Its opening move is almost always Fake Out, unless you have a Pokemon out that is weak to Fighting-types. To get the most out of your turn, try healing your Pokemon, because Fake Out always causes flinching.

Next is Sawk, a slow, but sturdy Fighting-type. It has the uncanny Ability Sturdy, preventing it from one-hit KOs. This means that even if Marshal uses a Full Restore, Sawk cannot be KO’d at full health. Try a weak move first to void the Sturdy, then use a powerful move and blow it out of the water.
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