New Keldeo, Meloetta, Black White Kyurem Charms

By Suzie Q

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released 4 new sets of metal charms. Keldeo normal and resolution formes, Meloetta Aria and Pirouette formes, Black Kyurem normal and overdrive forme and White Kyurem normal and overdrive forms.

These metal charms are all about 1″ or 2.5cm tall. Made of metal and very detailed. They are additions to the existing 2011-2012 set of all 646 Pokemon character charms. Just released on July 7th here in Japan. They are sure to be a big hit!

They were only sold at the Pokemon Centers in Japan and not sold in any stores or sold outside of Japan. They were made in very limited quantity and will only be sold for a very short time. The metal charms are extremely popular in Japan and all over the world. They create mad frenzies everytime they go on sale.

Each charm comes with a metal clip that can clip on to your keychain, bag, purse, or just about anywhere that you would like to clip it on to. I have even seen some very cool necklaces made from these charms.

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New Meloetta Plush Toys

By Pokevault

The Pokemon Center just released the first of the Meloetta plush toys. They have both the Aria and Pirouette forms. These plushies are really cool. They are similar to a doll in appearance, but the overall design is great. Of course they are well made.

Meloetta Plush

The Meloetta plush toys are made of nice fabric. Its very soft to the touch. The way the hair is made of fabric is also very unique. It is flexible and can obviously move around which is very nice.

The best part of them is probably the face. The eyes are really large and the stitching is very detailed. It really makes the plush look alive.

The only downside of these new plushies is the fact that they can not stand up without falling over. Obviously by the size of their legs, there is no way that they will stand up, but they are still really cool.


Meloetta Plush

There was also some other Meloetta merchandise released like file folders, stickers, hair ties, bags, straps, soft gel-type charms, memo pads, a hat, a face towel and much more. Come check it out.

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