Pokemon Coliseum – The Game

By Matt

You’ve already heard about this new (or should I say, old) game. Now there are many different concepts to cover here. This game is divided into Story Mode and Coliseum Mode. The first one is the main story involving the hero (you). Coliseum Mode deals with competitive battling with preset teams, or just linking up a GameBoy Advance and battling with your friends. In Story Mode, the Shadow Pokemon you catch here will not disappear; if you happen to pass by a Team member that has a Shadow  Pokemon (like I did), they will most likely reappear at the end of the game at the same place.

Tyranitar, one of the last Shadow Pokemon you will have to catch, belongs to the boss of Team Plasma, and if you cannot catch it the first time, you can always come back and try again a second time (or as many tries as you need). In battle, the “Run” command has disappeared; that’s because there’s no wild Pokemon in the Orre region! Instead, this is replaced by “Call”, which I’ll explain the effect of later. When you battle with Shadow Pokemon, your goal is to purify them. If you decide to use the ones you captured in battle, you can see that they have five segmented bars of purple where the EXP should go. You have to purify them (in-game, “open the door to their heart”) by battling with them frequently.
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