A Teenager’s View On Shuckle

By Matt

It’s been a while since I’ve covered a Pokemon, so let’s cover Shuckle for today. The reason I’m discussing Shuckle is because it has the highest base Defense and Special Defense in the game with a value of 230 for each. This also includes being higher then legends, which I usually disregard. Its other stats are pitiful, though. With only 20 HP, 10 Attack and Special Attack, and 5 Speed (slowest in the game), Shuckle relies heavily on its defensive capabilities. Shuckle is a Mold Pokemon which stores Berries in its shell; for this reason, you can always find it with Berry Juice when you capture one. It is a Bug/Rock dual type, leaving it with only three weaknesses: Water, Rock, and Steel.

Competitive players sometimes underestimate Shuckle, and use stat-boosting moves instead of attacking. While this is true, Shuckle is thought of more as a defensive player. It barely learns any offensive moves, and uses status moves to get around. Therefore, Shuckle is a great partner in Double Battles, and its numerous supporting moves can help greatly. For example, Gastro Acid can stop terrible Abilities, such as Truant or Defeatist.

Power Trick is a very risky move in Single Battle, but even offensive strategies for Shuckle have been devised. This move switches Shuckle’s 230 Defense with its 10 Attack, making it wide open for physical attacks. However, now it’s the real powerhouse, and only a miracle would let it survive and attack the next turn because of its despicable speed.
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