The Timburr Line

By Jo

Fighting-type Pokemon have always been pretty unique. While some are very visibly based off from certain animals, others are harder to place what they’re based off from. Timburr and its evolutions all have mammal-like features, though it isn’t exactly apparent what sort of mammals they might be based off from.

Timburr is small and has rodent-like features, as well as a body that is primarily grey in color. It has large, pink veins coming from its head, upper arms, and legs. It carries a large slab of wood under its arm. According to its pokedex entries, Timburr fight by swinging a piece of lumber around. Apparently when it can handle the wood without difficulty, it is close to evolving. They are known to appear at building sites and help out with construction. It’s said that they always carry their squared logs around. Timburr appears to be based off from a construction worker and possibly a carnie considering its clown-like nose. Its name seems to be a corruption of the word ‘timber’, a possible reference to what it is known to carry. The word ‘burly’ may also be part of its name as well, referencing its “muscles”.

Once Timburr reaches level 25, it evolves into Gurdurr. Gurdurr, like Timburr, is mostly grey in color, though does have large, veiny bands on its arms, shoulders, pectorals, and thighs. It carries an I-beam girder above its head and has some sort of curly hair. Its pokedex entries state that it is so muscular and strongly built that even a group of wrestlers could not make it budge an inch from its spot. They apparently strengthen their bodies by carrying steel beams about. They enjoy showing off their large muscles to other Pokemon. Like Timburr, Gurdurr seems to be based off from construction workers as well as muscle men carnies often shown in carnival and circus sideshows. Its name seems to be a corruption of the word ‘girder’, which means an iron or steel beam.
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All About Pokemon Timburr, Gurdurr, And Conkeldurr

By Emily

With impressive strength and attacks to back up such power, the Timburr evolutionary line is not one to be taken lightly. These Pokemon are formidable with many strong attacks that can take down many opponents. Allowing one of these characters to get their foot in the door can lead to disastrous consequences. The only real way of preventing them from wiping out any team is to hit hard and fast so they faint before they can even land an attack.

With an impressive base 80 Attack, Timburr’s future lies exclusively with physical attacks. Conkeldurr doesn’t disappoint, ending with a whopping 140 base attack. Not to mention a sturdy base HP and Defense helps defend against many physical attacks. Their weakness lies in their last two stats; low Special Defense and Speed lead to being outgunned and vulnerable to many other Pokemon. They cover up their weaknesses with a variety of strategic attacks. For example, the egg move Mach Punch always allows the user to hit first, and with these Pokemon that move can inflict some serious damage. Defensive attacks like Protect and Detect will help whittle down the PP of the opponent’s moves and Wide Guard can protect against attacks such as Surf and Earthquake in Triple Battles.

Strong attacks are a given for these Pokemon, and the variety available allows for decent type coverage. With the ever-popular Earthquake at their disposal, they only need one turn to change the tide of a battle. Other attacks like Hammer Arm and Stone Edge are good options, but they have their unique drawbacks. Grass Knot may seem like an unusual attack, but it gives added coverage and is the one Grass attack these three characters can learn. Poison Jab may seem like an inferior attack since it is Poison type, but it has a good chance of poisoning an enemy. As a last-resort attack, Superpower can demolish an enemy in a pinch at the cost of lowering the user’s Attack and Defense. Even though it may seem illogical to use such an attack, it can prove helpful if there is only one or two opponent Pokemon left.
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