Team Rocket Has Changed

By Carl00456

Remember the old days of Pokemon? Team Rocket would usually come up with an amazing plan to capture pikachu, only to be blasting off into space five seconds later. Team Rocket have had their highs and lows over the pokemon series and it wasn’t until Pokemon Best Wishes aired that they truly became awesome.

The old team rocket would attempt to capture Ash’s Pikachu by any means necessary. Their plans would be simple yet entertaining and for the most part would involve their Meowth balloon or some kind of crazy machine shaped to look like a Pokemon. Team rocket were quickly rid of as soon as Pikachu used his thunderbolt and they would whimper about how they failed before disappearing. Team Rocket was only a side attraction but they began to become more and more involved in the Pokemon episodes.

I truly liked Team Rockets motto. It was so catchy and it fit their quirky style at the time. Team Rocket would always introduce themselves this way and it gave them an annoying yet humorous feel. They were causing chaos at a breakneck pace! The motto has changed and I find that I still like this one the most. The new one in Best Wishes has a cool feel, with mentions of lightning and Meowth suddenly being wise, but you just can’t compare it to the original.

When Team Rocket was in the Sinnoh region they took a change for the worse. They suddenly had back stories that I didn’t care about and they treated their Pokemon nicely. The only episode I was actually interested in that had to do with their background was the one where they split up for a while, with Meowth working in a noodle shop and Jessie thinking about acting again. Team Rocket became rather pathetic in the Diamond and Pearl series and I hope they do not go back that way. They were a laugh at times but they only appeared for a short while so I couldn’t really take them seriously.

I had lost all hope for team rocket when Ash left the Sinnoh region when, suddenly, I was introduced to a brand new Team Rocket. Now they’re using hang-gliders to escape rather than disappearing into the sky. They are much more bad-ass and most of the time they complete their mission. Ash needs to toughen up if he wants to stop Team Rocket causing destruction in the Unova region. I like the fact that they have a mysterious mood around them and I still enjoy the funny side to them. There clothes look way better than the original clothes and I think it’s awesome that they get their own secret missions and codeword’s, this is what team rocket should have started out like, true villains. Their gadgets are getting better and better as the episodes progress and their future is slowly starting to unfold. I like the new Team Rocket way better than the old one and I think the future of Team Rocket can only get better if it carries on this way.

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3 Replies to “Team Rocket Has Changed”

  1. I LOVE the new Team Rocket! But now that they started wearing their old white uniforms again, I fear they’ll return to those funny losers we’ve come to love.

  2. I agree 100%! This is how Team Rocket is meant to be! A badass organization with agents everywhere! And I’m such a fan of the black uniform! Only deception, Giovanni doesn’t wear his original black suit 🙁 What a pity, that used to make him look so cool.
    Still am excited about this but it’s a shame we missed those two episodes…

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