The Axew Line

By Jo

I’ve always had a thing for dragon-types. Most of the times it’s the unevolved ones that capture my heart. The Pokemon Black and White games did not disappoint, as this generation released the Axew evolutionary line.

Axew looks like a small, green dinosaur that has ruby colored irises. It has a small pair of tusks that stick straight out from its mouth and appears to have some sort of light green collar surrounding its neck. It has an olive colored spike or horn that protrudes from the back of its head and a tiny, dinosaur-like tail. In the anime, Iris has a newly hatched Axew. It often acts very child-like and naïve to mirror its young age. Its dream is to grow up to be a powerful Haxorus. According to its pokedex entries, Axew use their tusks to crush the berries they eat. It also states that they mark their territory by leaving gashes in the trunks of trees with their tusks. If one of their tusks were to break off, a new one would grow in its place rather quickly. The repeated regrowth is supposed to make their tusks sharp and strong. Axew’s name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘axe’ and ‘hew’ or ‘chew’, which could refer to its tusks.

Once Axew reaches level 38 it’ll then evolve into a Fraxure. Fraxure is a little over a foot taller than Axew and its physical appearance is much more intimidating. Its tusks reach out farther than its arm span and the once small green-toned collar around Axew’s neck has grown to appear almost armor-like as it not only covers its neck, but also its torso, shoulders, and arms. Fraxure’s face, waist, legs, and tail are colored grey and its nails are a red tone. Fraxure’s pokedex entries state that their tusks can shatter rocks. Apparently territory battles among Fraxure can be incredibly violent. Unlike its pre-evolution, Fraxure’s tusks will not grow back if they fall out. Because of this, they will sharpen their tusks on river rocks after fighting. Fraxure’s name probably comes from the words ‘fracture’, and ‘axe’.

Fraxure will evolve one last time once it reaches level 48, where it evolves into a Haxorus. Haxorus is large and intimidating, its appearance quite imposing. Haxorus appears to have some sort of grey and golden colored armor surrounding its entire body. Its tusks are now sharp and hold an uncanny resemblance to axes. Haxorus is actually the only fully-evolved pure dragon-type Pokemon in a three stage evolutionary line. It has the highest attack stat of all non-legendary dragon-types. According to its pokedex entries, Haxorus are kind but can be ruthless when protecting their territory. Their tusks are sturdy and will stay sharp even after cutting steel beams. Its name is probably a combination of the words ‘hack’ (as in to chop at or cut down), ‘axe’, and ‘saurus’, as in referring to its dinosaur-like appearance.

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