Tornadus And Thundurus -Tips For Catching them

By TokoyamiTheDark

People who bought Black or White should know about at least 1 of these 2 Pokemon. Tornadus is in Black while Thundurus is in White. What’s common about these two is thet they are roaming Pokemon ; they will flee as soon after you attack them. But once both are reunited in the Abundant Shrine, Landorus will appear and stay here until you decide to challenge it. But we’ll mainly be talinkg about catching Tornadus/Thundurus since they are harder to get than Landorus, since it don’t flee like the other two.

1 – Use the Master Ball on them ; The best idea, as Reshiram/Zekrom are far much easier to catch ; in fact, they’re just as hard to catch as a Deino, therefore easier to catch than a Basculin! Bet you didn’t knew this, did you?

2 – Weaken their health, then block with Wobbuffet ; Another good idea, but requires that the legendary Pokemon flees after your moves. Weaken it as much as possible, let it flee, find it again and use a paralysis move on it. It will flee again, but the other time, bring a Wobbuffet with you as well as many Hyper Potions and at least 3 Quick Balls, 30 Ultra Balls and 15 Timer Balls. Then, shoot the Balls in a frenzy-like way!!!

3 – Hunt during nighttime ; If you’re hunting during the nighttime, Dusk Balls are your friends ; they’re twice as effective as an Ultra Ball during late night and can catch even Legendaries easily. Plus, Tornadus and Thundurus will always be on the northern section of Unova during the evening, so just look around the northern parts for the heavy rain and tornado/lightning.

Now that those hints help you catching these, let’s review both Pokemon as well as Landorus, shall we?

– Tornadus is exclusive to Black and is the only pure Flying-type known (exept when Arceus holds a Sky Plate or a Kecleon gets hit by a Flying type move) Because it is a pure flying type, it has a big disadventage over Thundurus. But Tornadus can learn Smack Down, which is a Rock-type move via TM, giving a super effective blow on Thundurus and neutralizing its immunity to Ground-type attacks, since it is also Electric-type besides Flying. Tornadus can learn powerful attacks, such as Sludge Bomb, Crunch, Psychic and Fly (that’s my Tornadus’ moveset, by the way.) If you ever wanted to have two legendaries whose types aren’t the same, then you should opt for the Black version.

– Thundurus is exclusive to White and is part Flying, part Electric. Because of that, it has a big advantage over Tornadus with its resistance to Flying moves and its offense with Electric-type moves, but is still vulnerable to Smack Down, which Tornadus can learn, and not only receive a super effective attack, but also making Thundurus vulnerable to Ground-type moves! Just like its Black counterpart, Thundurus can learn very similar moves, but lacks Flying-type moves besides Fly, so a good moveset could be (this is the one I use for my Thundurus) : Sludge Wave, Crunch, Thunderbolt and Fly.

– Landorus, on its own, has no attacks similar than Tornadus or Thundurus, since it is considered the ‘leader’ of the trio. Landorus can, unlike the other two, learn Rock Slide and Earthquake which are pretty powerful. It’s ability makes Sandstorm powering-up Rock-type and Ground-types attacks even more, so combine Sandstorm, Smack Down and Eartquake for maximum damage!!!However, it has a major problem that the other two hasn’t ; a double weakness. One Ice-type move could be enough to KO Landorus, even if the attacking Pokemon isn’t an Ice-type (like Sigilyph ising Ice Beam on Landorus) But, it can learn moves like Psychic, a move learnable by both Tornadus and Thundurus. It is at level 70, so prepare yourself for a long battle.

And with that… enjoy chasing and catching these Pokemon!

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