Unova – Nimbasa City

By Matt

Located near the center of Unova, Nimbasa City is a popular tourist attraction. Its size is comparable to that of Castelia, although the latter is much fuller, having tall buildings and skyscrapers. I usually Fly to there, since, according to my game schedule, it’s such a convenient place to be. The place where you land when Flying there is the Pokemon Center located near the bottom-left corner of Nimbasa City. To the left is the Battle Facility, which tests your skills based on 5 battles, each increasing in difficulty. After the series of battles, you will be ranked by the number of battles won or lost.

In the middle is Nimbasa City’s crowning achievement: Gear Station, which hosts the Battle Subway. There is a Subway for Single, Double, Multi, and Wi-Fi battles; Triple and Rotation trains are seen to be implemented in future games. Disguised as a Subway, one is a train to Anville Town, which gives you access to item traders on the weekend, and a Depot Agent who will give you items once every week.

To the right of that is Nimbasa’s amusement park, which features a Ferris Wheel and Elesa’s hidden gym. You can ride the Ferris Wheel everyday by battling a Trainer with a Pokemon around level 25; the Trainer switches by the seasons. North of that is the Musical Theater, where you can participate by dressing up your Pokemon. As you progress in the game, you notice that people give you props, especially on Route 5.

For those that like to play dress-up, the Theater is open anytime. The Pokemon Global Link will also release new musicals periodically for Musical enthusiasts. To the left of the Musical Theater is Small Court and Big Stadium, whose sports change daily. The Small Court features basketball and tennis, while Big Stadium has soccer, American football, and baseball. If you try to go into the arenas around noon, sometimes you may find that you can’t. This is because a game is going on, and the athletes in there aren’t free to battle or talk with. When they are practicing, you can find athletes around the place where they are in. There will also be some fans scattered out near the entrance, which you can battle. They want to battle you, as well as some athletes; they can be battled again each day. Since a game divides morning and night battles, you can battle them twice a day. The Entralink can reach towards other Trainers that are in this city, since it is in range. Finally, Nimbasa City has the location of the HM Strength, which will be very useful in some locations. Besides the aesthetic appearance, I find Nimbasa City great to be in with my Trainer sprite; plus, its music is relaxing to listen to.


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