Why There’s A Fungus Among Us: Analysis Of Amoonguss’s Success In Double Battles

By forest_snivy

Amoonguss, the Mushroom Pokemon. It has terrible Speed, four different weaknesses, and an amusing high-pitched cry, yet still is heavily used in double battles. So what is it that makes it so effective? A quick look shows that a combination of stats, movepool, and possible battle partners can really bring out the A-game in Amoonguss.

Amoonguss has been heavily used in the 2011 Video Game Championships (VGC’s), where only non-event, non-mascot Unova Pokemon were allowed to be used in teams of four in double battles; however, regardless of the limitations placed on the 2011 VGC’s, any generation of Pokemon can provide a suitable double battle partner for the giant mushroom. Amoonguss saw heavy usage in the 2011 VGC’s, along with Pokemon such as Reuniclus and Musharna–and the move Trick Room. Trick Room allows the slower Pokemon to attack before the faster ones, assisting Amoonguss in the area that it struggles with most: Speed. A battle partner that can take advantage of Amoonguss’s lack of Speed, or the move Trick Room, can effectively work alongside the Mushroom Pokemon.

A sped-up Amoonguss only spells disaster for the opponent when it knows the move Spore. This 100% Accuracy, Sleep-inducing move ensures at least one turn of the opposing Pokémon’s inability to move, and it comes with a good chance that the Sleep will last even longer. Amoonguss’s Spore is a prime opportunity to render your opponent’s Pokemon useless and put a stop to any plans they may have.

While any Pokemon with the move Spore is versatile in any team, Amoonguss truly outshines the rest with its overall impressive movepool. Amoonguss can effectively assist its partner by using the attack Rage Powder, which draws all of the opponent’s attacks to itself. By doing so, Amoonguss allows its partner to set up any way it needs to, while preventing the opponent from attacking it–if they are not afflicted with Sleep, that is. Couple Rage Powder with a base Defense stat of 70 and a base Special Defense stat of 80, and Amoonguss can only be significantly damaged by an attack it is weak to.

But what if Amoonguss is hit by a Super Effective attack? It may survive, but sometimes only by a hair. Amoonguss has various counters to this, thankfully, such as Synthesis, Giga Drain, Leftovers or, thanks to its Poison sub-Type, Black Sludge, or its natural counter, the Ability Effect Spore. If hit with any contact attack, Amoonguss has a 30% chance of leaving it with Sleep, Poison, or Paralysis, all of which are acceptable for payback. If Amoonguss comes from the Dream World, it will have the Regenerator Ability, which, while not as effective as Effect Spore, still allows Amoonguss to regain some HP when it is switched out.

A well-trained Amoonguss may still sound silly, but its usefulness is practically unparalleled. Amoonguss is an amazing support Pokémon in Double Battles and as such should never be taken lightly. Its movepool alone is quite powerful, and adding its stats, Ability, and partner, only further increases its potency.

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