A Teenager’s View on Oshawott

By Matt

Oshawott is mainly known by many as the “5th Gen Water Starter”. I would, in the past, nickname it the “Emo Seal” when its English name was not revealed. In fact, the only Japanese name I felt comfortable pronouncing was Pokabu (Tepig), because I always left the “r” out in “Tsutarja” (thus pronouncing it Tsu-ta-ja). Oshawott’s name in Japanese is Mijumaru. Like all starters, it is the third basic (first stage) starter to be listed. It is #7 in the Black/White Pokédex and #501 chronologically, that is, including all generations. Another feature that makes it like all the other water starters in the past is its ability: Torrent. As we all know, it raises Water-type moves to 1.5x when Oshawott’s HP is low (33% or lower). This means that any Water-type move done when Torrent is in effect will be 2x damage, not counting type matchups, because using moves that are the same type as the user will give it a 1.5x bonus. I actually don’t know how much power this would actually be; I’m just adding up the bonuses instead of multiplying. To multiply 1.5 by 1.5 would give Water-type moves 2.25x power.

Pokemon White Version says that Oshawott has the same composition of its scalchop on its body (I think it looks like a shell) as its claws. It also says it uses its scalchop (whatever that is) as a blade when it attacks. If you happen to have either Pokemon Black or White Version, you will find that the first gym leader you will face is your starter’s weakness. In this case, you will have to face the gym leader with the Grass-type Pokemon. Don’t fret even though you can only find Normal-types at the beginning of your journey; there will be a person in the Dreamyard that will give you either a Pansage (Grass), Pansear (Fire), or Panpour (Water), to counter the element of the gym leader.

If you picked Oshawott as your starter, the gym leader you will face will possess a Grass-type, and Pansear, the Fire-type, will be given to you. Oshawott’s best stat, like many Water-type’s, is in its Special Attack. Realistically, Water-type moves are fired from a distance and most of them require no physical contact, which would explain why so many people who face Water-types are unprepared. Like Snivy, which I mentioned in one of my other articles, Oshawott can learn Water Pledge from the move tutor in Driftveil City. However, it must merge with Fire Pledge, instead of Grass Pledge, or its damage will not increase.

The move describes the combination as a rainbow. That’s strange, but now I want to try it out in a Triple Battle. Maybe after I defeat the Elite Four, I will have a chance to trade my starters along with friends.On hardrock-pokemon.com, it features Oshawott hats, cards, (children’s shirts), and many other Oshawott-related items. I’ll make it a point to aim to get those products, because Oshawott looks pretty fly.

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