Pokemon Sinnoh Underground

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In the Sinnoh region of the wondrous world of Pokemon, you will have a great worthwhile journey to become of Pokemon Master for sure! But what about other tasks and what not? Well, there are a lot of things you can do to past time in the Sinnoh region. Pokemon Contests are a big one in which you dress up your Pokemon and compete for ribbons in various competitions. But you can also make Poffins, which are like Pokemon pastries you can feed your Pokemon that improve their contest skills.

This article is not to talk about the Pokemon Contests and how to make a delicious pastry for your Pokemon! It is about the Sinnoh Underground! Yes, the depths of the Sinnoh region, the caverns. They are lighted, and no Pokemon are found wild in the area. You can’t just start your journey and say that your going underground though, of course, just like everything else, you need a key item.

A key item is an item that won’t go away to make it short since that isn’t what this article is about! To get this item you must go to Hearthome City. In Hearthome City there is a house in which a man gives you the item. This item I believe is called the Explorer’s Kit. Using the Explorer’s Kit you can then travel underground to the depths a Sinnoh. You can just use the key item to travel underground. Underground you can find various hikers, they won’t give you anything useful until you get the orb they want to exchange goods. If you get an orb that meets their specifications or is at least a higher level you can trade them.

The Digger Drill, again, I am not sure if this is the correct term to be used or not. The Digger Drill is a very important item if you want to make yourself a secret base. I suggest trading the hiker for the drill as a main priority. Simply because you want a base don’t you? You can make your base and buy goods at a department store that you can set up using your bases PC. You can customize your base and slowly remove boulders.

There are many things you can do with your friends over WiFi connection including capture the flag, where you enter the others base and go to their PC, where you can take their flag, then the chase is on, you can upgrade your base if you get enough flags. I don’t want to spoil all the fun though, if your ever on a journey in the Sinnoh region, be sure to check out the underground.

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