Pokemon Sinnoh Underground

By anonymous

In the Sinnoh region of the wondrous world of Pokemon, you will have a great worthwhile journey to become of Pokemon Master for sure! But what about other tasks and what not? Well, there are a lot of things you can do to past time in the Sinnoh region. Pokemon Contests are a big one in which you dress up your Pokemon and compete for ribbons in various competitions. But you can also make Poffins, which are like Pokemon pastries you can feed your Pokemon that improve their contest skills.

This article is not to talk about the Pokemon Contests and how to make a delicious pastry for your Pokemon! It is about the Sinnoh Underground! Yes, the depths of the Sinnoh region, the caverns. They are lighted, and no Pokemon are found wild in the area. You can’t just start your journey and say that your going underground though, of course, just like everything else, you need a key item.
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