Capturing Pokemon And Where To Find Them

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Out there in the Pokemon universe you will see many, many Pokemon. We should all know what a Pokemon is, but some new trainers might not know how to capture one of the creatures. Well, most of us hear from the local Pokemon professor, the vast majority would probably point out Professor Oak of the Kanto region telling you to stay out of tall grass without having a Pokemon. Well, that is the truth, it is impossible to leave your hometown unless you have at least one Pokemon in your current part at a time. All trainers get a limit of six in their party, the rest go to the Pokemon storage system.

Your starter is the first you get, of course, allowing you to enter the grass and go to new places. But what about the other five places we have left? You are responsible for capturing the next five and beyond. In a rare situation another trainer may give you a Pokemon for free, but it happens less than five times in each of the games. Anyway, as most of the trainers that teach you in the very beginning, to catch a Pokemon is a simple process.

First you walk around in the tall grass, caves, lakes (if surfing), or ponds. You will know when a wild Pokemon appears. Everything will go as your first battle with your rival. You send you Pokemon out, most likely your starter. It all depends on how long you have been on your journey. But your start would be your first sent out for your first wild Pokemon encounter. Go to attack the wild Pokemon. Choose a straight forward attack like Tackle. You can use Tail Whip too, to lower the defense, but I personally find that best for battles against trainers. It is just not the best to use when fighting a Pokemon you are trying to catch. Use your attacks to weaken it to hopefully around the red HP line. Go to your bag and find a PokeBall, it is the most basic tool for capturing a Pokemon. There are other types of PokeBalls but for now, the basic is the best and the only you have at this point. You use a PokeBall by throwing it at the opposing PokeBall. If it shakes at least three times and clicks, you’ve caught it. If not, it could either be a Criticial Capture. In which the ball shakes once and the Pokemon is caught. Or the Pokemon just plain broke free. Upon capturing the creature you will be directing to your PokeDex where you will learn the newly captured Pokemon’s information. You can also nickname your Pokemon if you wish.

Pokemon Locations:

In the Pokemon world, one of the greatest places ever! Well, that is just my personal opinion! You will come across oh, I think around six hundred or so Pokemon. How do you catch these? You have to hunt them down and battle them, throw a Pokeball at them, and just hope you caught them. There are different types of Pokeballs, but those will be on a new topic. By new I mean different.

Today, I will teach you where to find Pokemon. I will not go over every spot for all six hundred plus. But the general areas for where you would find most of the types. Let’s begin easy, legendaries. I know they should be harder, but they stick to one spot. You will generally meet a legendary in the storyline to the games, but some like Cresselia in the Sinnoh region for example, share no real plot in the storyline and you will have to find them yourself. Now for the other easy part. You can generally find the fish-like Pokemon or the water type Pokemon in places around the ocean or water bodied areas. You can walk in a puddle and expect to find a Gyarados though! You have to get out there in the ocean and use your Super Rod (highest quality fishing pole you can get) if you have one if you wish to catch some stronger or much larger and rarer Pokemon. To find rock type Pokemon you need to generally be out in the caves or mountain areas. Geodude are your best bet in caves.

Flying type Pokemon are literally all over, just not in the caves unless you count Zubat. I would be an extremely messed up trainer if I didn’t mention Zubat in caves! Dragon Pokemon are generally in caves, deep in the caves. If not in caves or deep in the caves they are usually extremely rare. Ghost Pokemon hang out in the foggy or creepier areas. Just think elements and you can use to common sense to figure out where most Pokemon are. If you have a Pokedex I suggest looking on it to find out if the Pokemon you want is even in the region. Plus it also gives a general idea of where to find them.

Rare Pokemon usually make the grass jiggle, burrow in caves, shadow in water, etc. Sometimes you might hear a cry from a Pokemon when walking through a forest, that would mean one is in the wild around the vicinity of the area. Encountering shiny Pokemon has a really low chance of happening, but some tools can be used to help you out. Look up the Masuda Method or if you have a Sinnoh based game, PokeRadar. I hope this helps you out, if you have any questions please be sure to comment and I will try to respond.

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