Pokemon Darkrai And Shaymin

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Darkrai is a dark type Pokemon, you can tell just by it’s name. Dark and Darkrai. Darkrai is used a lot in legendary battle. Darkrai is a Pokemon on that contains a lot of speed and special attack. He is one of the final Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex. Number 491 I believe in the National Pokedex, in the Sinnoh section of it. Darkrai has had a lot of news. You could have received him at Toy’s R Us for your Pokemon Diamond or Pearl games. He would have two special attacks known as Spacial Rend, a move usually only used by Palkia. And he also has Roar of Time, which is an attack that is usually used by only Dialga. That attack has to be recharged afterwards. The reason he has these attacks is because in the tenth Pokemon movie. The Rise of Darkrai.

Dialga and Palkia are Pokemon known as the starts aside form Darkrai in this movie. They have the signature attacks given to Darkrai in the event giveaway to commemorate Dialga and Palkia in the movie. This movie involves Darkrai defending Almamos Town and mainly the garden in Alamos Town from being destroyed by a fight in Space-Time by Dialga and Palkia. You can also get Darkrai form the Membership Card. This card allows you to go to Newmoon Isalnd and capture Darkrai. This is by going to a house in Canalave City, it is a house that is locked unless you go to the event to do it. The event was only for a short time and you could down the Membership pass to your Pokemon Platinum version, receive it at your local Pokemart, and go to Canalave City and challenge Darkrai!

There are words from a voice at the end of the battle on New Moon island. People believe this voice to be the voice of Arceus, who is also believed to be the one who put Darkrai on the island. It is a pretty cool story. Darkrai is a favorite Pokemon among most people, what about you? Is Darkrai one of your favorite Pokemon?


There are many legendary Pokemon, not as much as there are regular Pokemon. One of these Pokemon is known as Shaymin. Shaymin is a grass type legendary Pokemon. Shaymin has no gender but is usually viewed as a female. Shaymin is a rare legendary to obtain. Shaymin was given out over TRU or Toy’s R Us. This was a special level fifty Shaymin that had some special attacks and was in a Cherish Ball with a Classic Ribbon. Shaymin was also given out over WiFi as a Key Item. Or I should say a Key Item was given out to get a Shaymin.

This was an item called Oak’s Letter. It was an item that will allow you to go and capture Shaymin. The letter is from Professor Oak, he is telling you to come to the Flower Paradise. The flower paradise is the place where Shaymin can be obtained. Shaymin is at level thirty I believe. Shaymin is a small Pokemon, it looks like a hedgehog. It has white fur and grassy hair on it’s back. It has green eyes and flowers on both sides of it’s heads. Shaymin can also transform in a Sky Form Shaymin. This Shaymin is part flying so it is a grass type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon.

The Gracidea Flower can be used as much as you want, but only until sundown, when it is dark Shaymin must go back into its normal form. But when the sun rises Shaymin can be transformed again into sky form. Sky form Shaymin has better speed and good special attack. It has four higher legs and green paws. It resembles a deer. It has a red flower pedal on it’s neck and is a bit bigger then Shaymin. In the anime Shaymin makes an appearance in the eleventh Pokemon movie: Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Shaymin is on the run from a Giratina trying to attack it, it was mainly involved in the battle with Giratina and Dialga.

Ash and friends find the Shaymin and take it to the Pokemon Center where they learn more about Shaymin. Their goal is to take Shaymin to the Gracidea Garden so it can transform into its sky form. Sky form Shaymin assists Ash in trying to stop Zero from stealing Giratina’s powers. In the end it was just a misunderstanding and Giratina didn’t want to eat Shaymin. What do you think of this grassy hedgehog Pokemon?


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