Exploring the Unova Region

By Anonymous

We have a beautiful new place to explore. The big and glorious Unova region. A question many of you may ask is ,’Where do I start?’. For those who do have this question on their minds, let me give you some ideas on what to do. While it may not be possible until you complete the whole game, It is still something to focus on during the adventure right? Right, okay where do we start?

Well here is an idea, why not complete the whole Pokedex? You heard right, The whole entire Pokedex of more than 500 Pokemon. “Now why on earth would I do that?’ you may be asking. My answer is, its fun and its not that difficult. Think about it, while running through the Unova region you encounter at least 90% of all of the new pokemon. Not to mention that its really easy to get the other 500+ over through the new Pokemon transfer system.

If you need another reason besides that well… Its an accomplishment and in a way, it makes you a better trainer. You have to breed, train and trade more than ever before to complete this goal. So, why not? It only benefits you right? How about battling every single trainer in the Unova region? Yeah, all of the trainers. Why? Well, if you do that during the Main story it really beefs up your Pokemon for battles. Not only that, it adds pages to the Pokedex. So if you would normally have a level 54 Pokemon by the time you fight the Elite Four, this time I would imagine it would be level 69 instead.

Also, instead of having 70 Pokemon in the Pokedex at the end of the game, expect about 139. Why don’t you try to find every Dowsing Machine item? Other that wondering on what you may find, this challenge never ever ends as if you have friends come over using Entralink, they may put items all over the place! Why don’t you try to collect all of the item Pokeballs? Other than completion, you may find an extremely useful item for what ever situation you are in. Like a Full Restore before the Elite Four or maybe a Nugget when your low on cash. Hey, You never know what you might find!

What about growing the Entralink trees up to maximum? Not only do you get better bonus’s for doing that, it looks pretty cool all the way grown like that! Think about it, a cool Entralink and a cool looking tree duo. What’s not to love about that? So, as you can see, there is plenty to do in this new region of ours. Believe it or not there are even more things to do! Such as filling up the Pal Pad, or maybe finding the shiny version of every single legendary. You might even go so far as to do all of these tasks for both games. Now thats dedication! Always remember, You dont have to do all of these, or any for that matter. No one will judge you if you don’t, just do it for fun! Hope you enjoy!


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