How To Train Your Pokemon Team

By Anonymous

We all have this perfectly trained team in mind. A team that lets us eliminate the opponent with one hit every single time. A team that represents all of the hard work that we put into them. However, It seems people ask themselves, ‘But how do I do it?’. Well, I am here to help you find which way of training will work for you and what steps to take to reach you ultimate goal. Now lets get started.

First Method, Instead of starting out by giving them vitamin after vitamin why not just battle every single Pokemon you encounter? As you may or may not know you can earn EV’s while battling a Pokemon. Plus, battling a lot of Pokemon will store some EV’s away for later levels so you can battle the harder Pokemon or use EXP. share to level up faster with no penalty! Why shouldn’t you use vitamins? Well if using this method, which is the standard method anyway, you may max out an EV before having to wast precious money on a Protein or Carbos and instead use the vitamin for the stat that is lacking a little bit.

Second Method, Use Vitamins to their full advantage. As you see, Pokemon trainers of many regions have all used vitamins at least once. They benefit your Pokemon by usually giving an extra stat point and cranks up there EV’s faster than before! Plus, since it doesn’t require you to hold an item, you can crank up your EV’s even more by combining it with things such as a Power weight. Since you also need to battle Pokemon to raise its level you get EV’s for that too. Think about it… If you use 10 of one type of vitamin, have your Pokemon hold a weight, and Battle Pokemon wherever you go… That is probably a 7x EV increase to beef up your Pokemon!

If you want to train a certain Pokemon and you and your friend have the same one in particular that you both want, trade them to each other. Why? Well, because you traded the Pokemon over, in a battle it gains an additional experience bonus. Combine this with the above methods and you can get a super-powered Pokemon faster! Remember though, If you plan on training early, don’t let the level of your traded Pokemon exceed the badge level because they wont listen to your commands!

With every method you can do, there are also things you should not do. A lot of these are basic and are not hard to avoid:

#1. Never ever use Rare Candies! You don’t gain EV’s and if you do it straight from when a Pokemon is hatched they start out with 0 EV’s making them extremely weak when they reach level 100.

#2 Do not *train* at a place like the battle subway as you don’t gain exp or EV’s.

By taking these small steps I am completely positive you can make the Pokemon team that is best for you! I can barely imagine how powerful you can make your Pokemon but I know it will be amazing! Remember trainers, strive to make your team a force to be reckoned with!

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  1. Why don’t you just do the EV training at level 100 and then, youll have a pokemon that’s just as powerful but you still could use rare candies.

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