Pokemon Game Improvements

By Anonymous

We all have improvements that we believe should be made in the next Pokemon game that comes out. With so many things that have improved before because of us, why not have more changed? Today I would like to tell you all what I think should be changed so that the next Pokemon game is more enjoyable. Lets begin shall we? For once i would like to be more involved with the healing that goes on with my Pokemon. Not just by putting them on the scanner, I mean seeing what happens, how they heal them and then learning on how to use the healing machine. I would even be happy to see something cute like a close up shot of us treating our Pokemon with band-aids, just something to show exactly why are Pokemon love us when we cure them. Its the little things like this I find would make our play experience ever more enjoyable.

I would also be interested in having a more improved catching system. For example maybe having every trainer have a device that keeps the Pokeball shut while trying to catch a Pokemon but having to keep a cursor in a certain place while its working otherwise the Pokemon would break free. That way it is not just chance that will bring us closer to a Pokemon but pure skill instead.

A sky view of us flying on our Pokemon would be nice too. While we would be up in the air we would be able to see many items that we might of missed, or see secret locations. We could also have fly battles with purely flying Pokemon. So in a way it would add a new aspect to the series and give us a more fun time getting around. This could also be the only way we meet bird and flying type Pokemon too!

One final and very interesting improvement would be a up close view of our Pokemon with it having facial expressions to match how it feels toward us. Not only could this tell us how friendly it is but also what move we should teach it whether it be Return or Frustration. Or even have an option to feed it a berry or Pokemon food to improve its happiness. However little this change may seem, It would introduce a totally new aspect not introduced in any Pokemon game before it! Now I ask you, what changes would you make? I think the changes that I mentioned would improve a players happiness with the game by a ton! It would introduce new ideas and enter new aspects of gaming not ever entered before, not to mention make us, the gamers, feel more involved on what is going on while we play. Wouldn’t this make the game more entertaining for you?

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