Which Pokemon Will Help The Most?

By Anonymous

We have all had a rough time deciding on what starter Pokemon we want to take with us on our journey. We wonder, ‘What Pokemon will help me the most down the line?’ or, ‘will I regret picking this Pokemon?’. For your questions, I have answers. Lets begin!

Now for the first question!, ‘ Which one will help me most down the line?”. For this question I seriously recommend looking ahead on an FAQ for the first type of gym you will be facing. For example, lets say the first Gym is for the rock type. As we all know water and grass work well on rock, while fire has a weakness. Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pick a fire type. Take into consideration on what creatures are available on your journey to the first gym. More often than not, there will be a whole bunch of useful creatures waiting to be caught and trained by you. Using their moves, I am positive you can get pass the first gym.

‘Will I regret picking this Pokemon?’. The answer to this question is absolutely no. Every starter will have at least one disadvantage against a trainer or Gym. So while you may feel like your starting to regret your choice always remember, your creature will eventually have a chance to shine on an opponent with a type it is strong against and the regret will be lifted from your shoulders. Just remember, no creature is perfect.

Another question you may be asking is, ‘Which one will be stronger?’. This question all depends on you. A Pokemon does not grow by itself, your supposed to train it and teach it new things. The way it comes out is completely up to how you treat it, train it, and teach it. If one of them do not meet up to your expectations, work even harder and focus even more on training it!

‘My starter has a type disadvantage early in the game! What do I do?’. Well I have one very good answer for you, train. if you have a starter that suffers a disadvantage, train it to overcome it! You may want to level grind in a forest if it is a fire type Pokemon or maybe have that one Pokemon with the disadvantage fight the majority of all of the trainers in the area before you fight the gym. It may even learn a move that gives it an advantage against its weakness! Always remember, if you have about 5 other Pokemon with an advantage and 1 with a disadvantage, you can afford to shift training to the one with the disadvantage.

I really hope that these answers have helped you on deciding what starter to pick! To be honest it really comes down to personal preference and how you train them. Make your Pokemon shine and always remember, even a creature with a type disadvantage can still one hit KO an opponent pretty well!

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