Pokemon 4th Generation

By Anonymous

Everyone has their own opinion on their favorite generation of Pokemon, all with different reasons. For those who can take an opinion I would like to present my favorite the Pokemon 4th generation!

In my opinion they added so much in this generation and I feel that they really tried their best to appeal to us! Here are some more reason why this generation is my personal favorite. A lot of improvements were made since generation 3. Nintendo pulled out all of the stops this generation to assure we, the gamers, remain happy and satisfied with the 4th generation. This is limited to the improved day and night system, easier to move about in cities, and of course refined Pokemon gym leaders.

Now, the day and night system has been around since the early days of generation 2. Even with the improvements for generation 3 we, the gamers, wanted more. So what did Nintendo do? They delivered! With this new day and night system, we didn’t see the day suddenly turn to night, oh no. Instead we saw the day dim and then fall into night. Beautiful isn’t it? Although many barely ever notice this, doesn’t it feel that the towns were easier to navigate in for generation 4? in generation 3 the buildings were all blocky and got in the way most of the time. Not to mention that it was always harder to find what you were looking for.

In generation 4 they marked down most of the important buildings and made them stand out, making them easier to find than ever before! I feel that Nintendo totally went all out with the gym leaders in this generation. I don’t mean by making them harder or easier, I mean making them just right so that it made the battle enjoyable.

Earlier Pokemon games always had a habit of making their battles too easy and then the game got boring as you were already leveled enough to take on the next gym by just completing the gym you just fought. It just improved on the game. One final reason this generation is my favorite is for the fact that the Pokemon contests were one word Amazing.

The designers gave us a lot of choices when it came to dressing up our creatures and made getting all of the judges stars filled completely up easier than they had made it in generation 3. not to mention the ability to have contest’s with friends as that just multiplied the fun by three! I hope you can now see why this generation is my favorite out of all of them. They added so much since generation 3 that it made the first time I played the game not just like every single other game out there but made it an experience. i can clearly say without a doubt that this generation blew my mind!

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