Kanto Region Pokemon Part 4

By Amanda

Weedle is a bug type, known as the hairy Pokemon, and known as Beedle in Japan. It can only learn one move through level up, which is bug bite. When it reaches level 7, Weedle will evolve into a Kakuna, and then at level 10, it will evolve into a Beedrill. When it’s a Beedrill, it can learn lots of strong attacks through level up, like pursuit, poison jab, pin missile, and rage.

Rattata is a normal type, known as the mouse Pokemon, and known as Koratta in Japan. It can learn attacks like bite, and hyper fang. When it reaches level 20, it can evolve into a Raticate. In the anime, Ash traded his Butterfree for a Raticate from a trainer on the St. Ann during his adventures in the Kanto region. It wasn’t long after the trade that Ash regretted it, and went to the trainer to trade back Raticate for Butterfree, to which he agreed.

Ponyta is a fire type, known as the fire horse Pokemon, and has the same name in Japan. It can learn strong moves like stomp, fire blast, and bounce. When it reaches level 40, it can evolve into a Rapidash. In the anime, Ash borrowed Ponyta from a trainer when she got hurt, so that Ponyta could still be in the race. During the race, Ponyta evolved into Rapidash, running faster then before, and winning the race. Vulpix is a fire type, known as the fox Pokemon, and known as Rokon in Japan. It can learn strong attacks like flamethrower, payback, and extrasensory. It can evolve into a Ninetales through the use of a fire stone. In the anime, Brock was given a Vulpix from a trainer to help take care of it. He would later return Vulpix to its trainer during the adventures with Ash in the Johto region, with the trainer being impressed on how well Brock raised it.

Ekans is a poison type Pokemon, known as the snake Pokemon, and known as Arbo in Japan. It can learn strong attacks like acid, bite, and gunk shot. When it reaches level 22, it will evolve into Arbok. In the anime, Jessie owned an Ekans, and later evolving into an Arbok. Later on after following Ash in the Hoenn region, she would release Arbok alongside James Weezing to the wild so that Arbok and Weezing would protect a group of Ekans and Koffing from a poacher.

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