My Favorite Starter Pokemon

By Anonymous

With the release of generation 5 I have one very important question for you, “which Pokemon starter is your favorite?’ While you ask yourself that question please allow me to give my input on which starters I think are the best ever. Just because I say starters Doesn’t mean their all in one generation. I mean a favorite grass starter, fire starter, and a water starter.

My favorite fire starter definitely has to be the new one, Tepig. Why you may ask? Well for one I think this starter is extremely unique. I mean look at it! It’s an awesome fire piggy. Not to mention its evolutions make me squeal every time I see it. If you still need other reasons here are more to think about. For one, Tepig gets a great evolutionary move set down the line if you train it properly. Not to mention the addition of and additional type which is Fight. Tepig can learn about all of the powerful fire moves and gets a special move for triple battles. So not only is this Pokemon extremely cute, It is well rounded, a great first pick for an adventure, and gains a sub type that makes up for its weaknesses.

My favorite grass starter Pokemon is definitely Turtwig. With cute playing a major role into why I chose him, he also gains a big bonus in defense if leveled all the way up, even without EV training, Has a gruesome attack stat, and isn’t too bad with speed. Turtwig gets a very good move set down the line and can be breeded with many other Pokemon to get very bizarre move sets. I not only find him awesome, but his stats and moves cause him to stick out more than the rest.

Finally, my favorite water starter Pokemon is….. Totodile. Just look at Totodile’s face! Isn’t he just one of the cutest starters you ever saw in the game? Like the other two starters I picked, He is very strong down his evolutionary line and can be outfitted with awesome moves to add more value to his partnership. No other Pokemon I believe can fit it’s category, not even the tank, Blastoise.

I hope you can clearly see my reasoning behind my choice of these as my favorites. When I pick I don’t always focus on cute, but on Moves and strengths. While you and I may not share the same opinion we all are entitled to our own choices. Remember though, just because I prefer a different starter doesn’t mean I am trashing your favorites! All it means is that I have a different preference on who I want to travel with me and i have different things I look for.

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