Pokemon Black & White Tips: Victini Beatstick

By: Brian Hsieh

Pokemon Black and White have reached the United States and have been around for over a week now. The Victini event is still in progress so be sure to get one through Nintendo wifi before it ends. While the gameplay has so many features that I could discuss, my main point will be about the Victini event.

Once you acquire the Liberty Pass found in the Pokecenter (a man in a bellhop uniform will give it to you), you’ll be able to use it when necessary. Once you enter Castelia City, which is right after you win the second badge, you can walk on the outskirts of the city to find the docks. On the farthest dock to the left, there is a boat that will take you to Liberty Island. Once you arrive, you’ll notice that Team Plasma has taken over the island.

In order to get inside the tower, you must fight them, which shouldn’t be that difficult depending on your Pokemon’s level. Once you enter the tower, you’ll have a healing station (a man who is located at the entrance), which is something that has been more common throughout this game as opposed to other games. Once you finally beat the last Plasma member, you’ll face Victini.

Pokemon Victini is a dual fire/psychic Pokemon that knows Confusion, Incinerate, Quick Attack, and Endure at level 15. Victini’s unique type makes it weak against Water, Dark, Ghost, Rock, and Ground while being resistant against Fighting, Ice, Steel, Psychic, Grass, and Fire. The thing about encountering Victini is that, once you defeat it or lose against it, it will be there when you reenter the room.

Also, when you defeat it, you’ll gain experience points around the 400 mark. Its many weaknesses can be your advantage, as pokemon such as Roggenrola can thrive against such an opponent. I, for one, have used Victini to my advantage, leveling up my Dewott, Roggenrola, Herdier (who knew Bite at the time), and Tympole. 400 experience points go very far when you’re around level 15.

Once I got my Pokemon to the desired level, it was time to catch Victini. Since Victini knows the move Endure, it wasn’t difficult catching it. If it didn’t use Endure and fainted, all you would have to do is reenter for it to reappear. Once it used Endure and had 1 HP left, I used a Musharna’s Yawn attack to put it to sleep. A couple Great Balls later and I caught Victini. This is just a good tip on getting the Pokemon you want from the event while snagging a great deal of experience points for your Pokemon in the process.

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